Post Game: What Happened to the Scream Queens?

Well, there you have it folks, the first season of Scream Queens has finally come to an end. We know who the Red Devil is, and we know the fates of the characters. Only read on if you have already watched the final two episodes that aired this week...Ryan Murphy tricked us when he said that only four or five of the original characters would make it to the end of the season. Here are the fates of our favorite (and not so favorite) characters.

1. Chanel 

Lucky for us, our spirit animal, the lead Chanel, survived the last two episodes. Sadly, she was framed for all of the murders and sent off to the insane asylum after messing up her trial, but she ends up loving it there! She becomes the new Queen Bee at the asylum and she seems to have mellowed down a little bit. We are slightly unclear about her fate, though, because the final shot of the finale has the Red Devil standing over her as she prepares to fall asleep. Will she make it to Season 2? 

2. Chanel #3


Billie Lourd made this show, and we are so happy that her character, Chanel #3, managed to live a (somewhat) happily ever after. According to Chanel #1, Chanel #3 "went full-on lez" with a hot nurse at the asylum, and she's ready to show her new beau her ears! Points: we finally got to see Billie Lourd/Chanel #3 rock her mother, Carrie Fisher's, Princess Leia hairstyle. 

3. Chanel #5

We were never really big fans of Chanel #5, but we're glad that she finally proved herself to Chanel. The pair are now best friends, and they have both agreed that they never want to leave the asylum. Also, she isn't the Red Devil. 

4. Hester aka Chanel #6

For starters, Hester is the Red Devil and the baby-in-the-bathtub. She also gets away with it by framing the Chanels, and then she ends up taking over Kappa Kappa Tau with Zayday and Grace. She also stabs her eye with a stiletto and murders Pete (the other Red Devil) at the beginning of the finale. 

5. Chad Radwell

If we had one problem with the last few episodes of this season, it would be that we didn't get to see enough of Chad Radwell. We're very, very happy that he survived the finale because that means that if there is a season two, we might get to see him again. 

6. Grace/Zayday

These two are a package deal. They both survive, and now they have taken over Kappa. Not much else to say.

7. Dean Munsch

In a strange twist, Dean Munsch ends up with Grace's weird dad, Wes. She also has someone ghost-write a best-selling novel for her called "The New New Feminism." She knows that Hester was the Red Devil, but she doesn't do anything about it. 

8. Denise Hemphill

Denise has received quite a few job promotions over the last few months. She's literally gone from being a security guard without a license to hold a gun to joing the FBI. We liked that one moment in the finale when she had all of the former male strippers arrest the Chanels. Denise always does things with style. We wish her luck at Quantico.

What did you think of the Scream Queens finale?