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The Pittsburgh Scavenger Hunt: My Fears as a Woman

Last week, Denison students, from an underground fraternity traveled to the University of Pittsburgh to partake in a “scavenger hunt.” When they arrived at Pitt, they harassed and terrified a woman on campus, causing a campus-wide panic. The men ensuing this “scavenger hunt” had a list of activities that they had to complete at an out-of-state school, one in particular instructed them to “scare someone.” These men chased a woman who was alone, minding her own business, and walking across campus in the wee hours of the morning.

As a woman, this “incident” at Pitt was horrendous, something that should have never happened. I agree one-hundred percent with The Pitt News, when they stated in their press release--

“The Denison students have been banned from all University of Pittsburgh property. It’s just as well, because anyone who poses that kind of a threat to our students — real or as a part of a prank — isn’t welcome here.”

Denison students are required to attend sexual assault, harassment, and rape education sessions, so knowing that these men not only knew how this would impact the women they were “scaring,” but were previously educated on the impacts of such behavior is nothing less than despicable.

Women on Denison’s campus are urged to stand up for one another and support those women in the world who are struggling, so this is my motion to stand with the women of Pitt. I hope that women on Denison’s campus will stand with me and acknowledge the ignorance of such actions.

We are so lucky to be able to attend a school that gives us peace of mind as we walk across campus at night-- not once have I been scared to walk alone at night in my 4 years at Denison. Yet, here we are, watching the men of our campus impede on the safety and privacy of women elsewhere, and going on with our business.

Assault is not a “prank” and should not be treated as such. The University of Pitt was in panic, leaving thousands of women to fear for their lives.

This is more than an “incident”-- this is a crime. We should not tolerate this kind of behavior at Denison University. This “prank” may be forgotten down the line and could one day be repeated elsewhere if we don’t use our voices to speak, so let’s support our fellow women. I would hope they’d do the same for us.

The victims of this crime will not forget what happened to them—let’s not ignore the severity of such actions.



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