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New Musicians on the Rise! (That You Need to Know)

In college, it can be harder to find new music, since most of us are not driving to and from school with the radio anymore. With so many rising artists worldwide, it’s not necessary to go right to our top 40 playlists to find decent artists! By taking a little time to search the web, it’s easy to see that there is fresh talent waiting for our MP3 devices.

However, being busy college women, we have little time to scour sites for new tunes. So, we have made a list of our favorite new artists that everyone should hear about, since these talented musicians are on their way to becoming household names.

The Lumineers:

You have probably heard the song that brought this American trio up in popularity. If you’ve watched any of the commercials advertising the search engine Bing, then you would easily recognize “Ho Hey.” The upbeat lyrics give us a feel good song that could brighten any study day. Many describe the group’s sound as “acoustic folk,” as their songs are making their way up the iTunes singles charts. The band formed around 2002, when the brother of drummer Jeremiah Fraites died of a drug overdose. Overcome by grief, the members connected and began performing. Definitely check out “Ho Hey,” “Flowers in Your Hair, and “Stubborn Love.”

Ed Sheeran:
Originally from Halifax, England, British redhead Ed Sheeran began writing songs and playing guitar as a kid. His first single, “The A Team,” brought major attention, but his popularity exploded with the debut of his second single “Lego House.” With his first album going double platinum, Sheeran is a household name throughout England and the United States. Top songs include, “Lego House,” “Small Bump,” “Drunk,” and “Give Me Love.”

Emeli Sandé:
Some might describe her as the British Beyoncé, and after listening to this soulful Scot, it would be hard to disagree. At twenty-four years old, Sandé has been singing since age ten, but put her career on hold to earn a degree in medicine. She definitely has brains and talent. After writing songs for other famous Brits such as Leona Lewis, she recorded her own album, which has two number one singles. Her most famous songs include, “Next to Me,” “My Kinda Love,” and “Heaven.”

Any soccer fans will remember Canadian singer K’NAAN’s platinum single “Wavin’ Flag,” since it was the theme song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Born in Somalia, the singer’s first album focused on issues relating to his native country. A cool fact about this unique singer is that he taught himself English by listening to 90’s hip-hop albums. His later albums feature songs that relate to his personal story. If you are interested in K’NAAN, look into downloading “Bang Bang,” “Take a Minute,” and “Hurt Me Tomorrow.”

These new artists will spice up any dull MP3 device!

Kaitlin is a sophomore at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. She is currently studying Economics with a minor in Communication. When Kaitlin isn't studying, you can find her attending events for her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, writing articles, playing tennis, or watching Bravo obsessively.  As a Bravo fangirl, she would love to meet Andy Cohen. 
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