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Navigating Huffman Dining Hall

 When new upperclassmen migrate to East Quad, Huffman dining hall, the main food spot on East, has become their new lunch spot. As we enter our fourth week of school, it is beginning to sink in that dining on campus might be a step down from home. Before you give up completely, and resign to a diet of meal ex salads for the next nine months, you should know that there is more to Huffman than root beer seasoned pork, malfunctioning toasters, and a lack of spoons. With a little creativity and a hint of luck, you can actually come up with some delicious and satisfying creations!

Lets begin with the appetizers/sides. In addition to the veggies and hummus that’s now offered, try mixing it up with some cucumbers and celery. You can even dip these in cream cheese for a creamy and sweet start to your lunch or dinner! If veggies don’t suit your fancy, change up the classic banana and peanut butter combo by mixing the little PB in vanilla yogurt. This DIY dip is not only tasty but its better for you then straight up peanut butter! Try it with cut up apples too, or even eat it plain with some granola! Speaking of the granola, if you were ever to pair it with the new vanilla soymilk, you would know that there truly is a God. This super sweet combo will literally blow your mind. But be careful, this may lead to extreme cravings at virtually any time of day.

Moving onto the main course, people who are not vegetarians may have overlooked the veggie burger option and opted for a hamburger or grilled chicken. While those are both viable options, I recommend branching out and giving the veggie burgers a try! I am not a vegetarian myself but I have found that the Huffman veggie burgers are actually flavorful and unexpectedly satisfying. These can be eaten with anything from hummus or tomatoes, a classic bun, an English muffin, or a green salad! Another option for an off-the-beaten path entrée would be a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yup, I said grilled!! What some of us might not know is that if you ask the sandwich line worker to put ANY sandwich you can think of in the Panini maker, THEY’LL DO IT! Mind equals blown. I would highly recommend a grilled peanut butter and banana and/or sliced apple sandwich. The melted peanut butter is so good it will make you forget about your ten-page paper due tomorrow, or about how the lines were too long for you to eat anywhere else but Huffman tonight.

In the dessert section, there are always some decent options available, but if you want to take it a step further to diversify your usual choices, try mixing some fruit with your fro-yo! This Pink Berry approach to an after dinner treat will most definitely satisfy your sweet tooth without all the calories of the alternative dessert options. There are always grapes and bananas available to mix in, and occasionally pineapple and melon! Even add a crunch with some granola or frosted flakes, or a spoonful of peanut butter for some added salty sweetness.

So there are some hidden gems of Huffman dining hall, you might just have to use a little creativity to find them! So stop complaining and get your eat on!

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