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One of my favorite things to do in my free time is listen to podcasts. I love binging them in the car or when I’m doing mindless activities that can be filled up better by the stories and company of people’s voices. In case you need something fun to take up your free time, here’s a list of a few of my favorite podcasts.

  1. My Brother My Brother and Me

This is a comedy podcast hosted by 3 brothers that has been going since 2010. The podcast even had a TV show at one point. It’s full of amazing bits, banter, and shenanigans. The fanbase is really into the content that the McElroy brothers create and it’s a vibrant community. I would highly recommend any of their podcasts. Some of my other favorites they create together or separately include The Adventure Zone, Wonderful, Sawbones and Shmanners.

  1. The Penumbra Podcast

Do you like mystery? Fantasy? Stories that put you in your feels and keep you on the edge of your seat? Then you need to be listening to the Penumbra Podcast. This podcast has two separate storylines going on in two different universes. Personally, my favorite is Juno Steel. Juno Steel is a detective who lives in Hyperion City on Mars. He used to work for the police but becomes a private detective, and then gets into a slew of other troubles. Not to mention, this podcast has so much queer representation. If an action packed queer mystery in space sounds like it could be up your ally, I would highly reccomend The Penumbra Podcast.

  1. Wolf 359

Okay, so… I have a thing for stories that take place in space. This one is also filled with mystery and suspense, and can be rather humorous when the crew of this spaceship is trying to cope with the stresses that come from living with the same 3 people in the middle of space and trying not to meet their doom in the process. I binged this podcast over the summer and I found myself savoring it and having to slow down because I didn’t want it to end. I highly recommend this space adventure.

Hi! My name is Catlin Cornish and I'm from New York. I'm a Freshman at Dension interested in studying Women and Gender Studies and Art History. In my free time, I love to write, listen to music or podcasts, play instruments, or hang out with friends!
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