The Magic of Laneige's Hydration Dream Team

Having an older sister has given me the opportunity of receiving a second mother… someone additional to watch over me with protective eyes and offer the harsh criticism I never know I need… However, with all of the “big sister” jokes aside, Maddie has also been a huge influence on my love of makeup and skincare. She has always steered me in the right direction when it came to the color layouts of eyeshadow palettes, appropriate shades of foundation, and the meticulous art of lipstick application. I always respect her beauty expertise, so when my birthday gift arrived last month, I was overjoyed! She spoiled me with self care goodies, one of which being Sephora’s “Hydration Dream Team” set by Laneige. Laneige carries my favorite nighttime lip balm, but I had never experimented with any of the products from their skincare line. I knew that Maddie would know best, so I tore open the decorative box and began to incorporate these new products into my nightly routine. 

    After removing my makeup, I decided to try the “Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer” first. This product can either be placed directly onto the hand or used with a cotton round. I poured a healthy amount of the liquid onto my cotton round and slid the toner across my skin. Before this product, I had never found any interest experimenting with toners… I never saw a use for them, but it seems I was simply unaware of their benefits. Due to my sensitive skin, I appreciated the way my skin reacted to this product; other toners I have come across usually burn or irritate the skin because of their intensity, but this one simply removed dirt while bringing some needed moisture to my winter skin. Once I removed the pad, I noticed all of the dirt and grime that it removed from my skin! I couldn’t believe it… was I just allowing my skin to carry this bacteria for years? Not anymore… I haven’t stopped using it since this first trial! 

After the toner, I applied the “Water Bank Moisture Cream”. While this lightweight moisturizer does not have any faults, I found myself reaching for other creams for this step instead. My sample of a Tatcha moisturizer will always be my favorite to use at night. However, I did enjoy this product as a light, hydrating base to my makeup routine in the mornings. Overall, I would not repurchase the full size of this product, but I find the refreshing scent and lightweight texture very pleasant. 

My final product for the face, to ensure my skin’s moisture, was the “Water Sleeping Mask”. This product was unlike any mask I have tried before… I learned that a sleeping mask is essentially a heavier moisturizer that sinks into your skin during sleep. I loved this concept after a few days; the cool sensation of the slippery mask felt extremely satisfying. It was the perfect conclusion to my self-care night. After waking up the next morning, I noticed a refreshing glow to my skin. It felt soft, hydrated, and evenly textured! Ever since that first trial, I have fallen in love with this concept. I am very pleased that this was the only full size item in the kit. 

As I tucked myself into my bed, I realized that I missed the last component: the “Lip Sleeping Mask”. I was already extremely familiar with this product; I have been using Laneige’s lip masks for as long as I can remember… the thick texture of these lip balms perfectly coats my lips before bed, and I continuously wake up with plump, soft, and moisturized lips. The set included a mini size of the berry lip mask, which I do already own (as well as the vanilla flavor). This product, though not for the face, will always be a crucial step to my nightly skincare routine. 

Ultimately, Maddie’s choice demonstrated her knowledge in the skincare industry; every product from this set has given my skin a newfound sense of hydration and satisfaction. This brand, while not very well known, is extremely innovative and of very high quality. Thank you again, Maddie, for shaping the way that I take care of my skin.