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“Joe Brunk: Swimming Superstar”

The class of 2016: so young, so interesting, so unknown. Well, not anymore. Freshman, Joe Brunk is shedding some light onto the mysterious new class on campus.

At school, Joe is apart of the two-time National Champion swim team, specializing in breaststroke. He has been swimming competitively for four years and looks to continue his career surrounded by the best. East Hall is home, with the bonus of only being a short walk from the brand new pool. Being a recruit, Joe only looked at two schools, Denison and Bucknell, and obviously Big Red won in the end. Academically, he plans to major in economics. In the spring, Joe is interested in joining greek life and becoming more involved on campus. Looking ahead to junior year, he wants to study abroad in Australia, and maybe go for a dip in the Pacific or the Indian Ocean while he’s there.
Joe was born in St. Louis, Missouri yet grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina with two sisters. From them, he knew what to expect of college and therefore managed not to be completely overwhelmed with the change that accompanies college life. Before Joe arrived in August, he spent his summer lifeguarding and coaching at local club.

To truly get to know our campus celebrity, we got his opinions on a wide variety of subjects. Joe prefers plaid over stripes, macs over PCs, cake over cupcakes and The Notebook over The Titanic. Our celebrity even has his own favorite celebrity/man crush – Kevin Durant, a forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Basketball is also his favorite sport to watch. On a more personal note, a perfect date for this aquatic man would a the classic of dinner and a movie with a stroll by a lake to finish off the evening. Preferable they would listen to J. Cole, have his favorite dinner of chicken fingers, and share a love of Reeses. In the future, his dream job would be an athletic director at the college level. Hopefully, this job would finance his ideal vacation to a small island off the coast of Italy. But before any of that can happen, Joe has to survive doing his first load of laundry, a landmark for many freshmen year.
We’ve found one celebrity and can’t wait to discover the next. The upperclassmen could not more excited to meet the rest of the 632 Denisonians fresh to the hill.

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