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How to get FREE stuff at Denison!


How to Get Free Stuff at Denison

Who doesn’t enjoy a free treat here and there? After all, we are mostly poor college students who could always find an extra way to save. Yes, there are ways to grab some freebee gifts on campus, and here’s how:

1. Office Supplies: No need to buy these at target each department library probably has a whole stack of note cards, pencils, and legal pads to help you with study supplies

2. Coffee: Everyone loves coffee and tea! Especially the Center for Women and Gender Action and the Multiculture Affairs Office both on the top floor of Slayter. They have all of the coffee fixings you could want for free!

3. Newspapers: Even though we all read online now, if you love the old fashion hard copy of newspapers, Curtis and Huffman give out free copies of USAToday, NY Times, and more.

4. Condoms: Both the Huffman and Curtis service centers, Whisler, and the Center for Women and Gender Action all have bowls of condoms.

5. Water: Grab your water bottle and utilize the handy water fountains around campus that are vertically designed to fill up your water bottle.

6. Candy: Participate in surveys and sometimes you’ll get some candy in your mail box! Read those emails they have awesome benefits!

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