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How to Be a “Real Housewives” Franchise Expert in 5 Quick Steps

There is nothing I’m more passionate about than the Real Housewives Franchise, and with my help, you can become a Real Housewife expert as well. I started watching the Real Housewives Franchise about four years ago, and I’ve been its biggest fan ever since. The show is a whole different world; the glitz, the drama, and the storylines entrap you into the wonderful world of reality TV. If you choose to start this journey, here are some quick tips to help you understand what you are watching. 


  1. Watch the first season of every Real Housewives show. 

You have to know the OG’s (original cast members) to understand the history behind the storylines. The OG’s add their own twist to the show with either a heightened ego or the wisdom from many seasons ago. In this photo the OG’s are from New York, Orange County, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, and New Jersey.


  1. Research and find out who is in the most recent cast of each show, and then watch each cast member’s introduction episode from their first season.

There are multiple seasons of each show, and oftentimes the cast changes with each season. It’s important to find the episode where the women were originally introduced. If you jump in without doing this, you won't understand many references they make.


  1. Follow Lisa Rinna’s Instagram

One of the most iconic aspects of the Real Housewives Franchise is Lisa Rinna’s Instagram. Follow her account to watch her dance, post shady quotes, and cryptic notes amid the ongoing drama on the show.  

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  1. Look up the marriage history of the women before you start watching whichever city/state you want.

The Real Housewives share everything on screen. You need to know who they are referring to/name dropping.


  1. Watch Watch What Happens Live after the housewife episode

This gives the inside scoop on the episode airing and inside look into the current relationships of the women. It forces the housewives to reveal their true feelings and give their raw opinions on matters that can sometimes lead to twitter feuds.

Hi! My name is Susannah Watson and I am a freshman at Denison University. I'm from North Manchester, Indiana and I'm interested in studying History and English. I love baking, reading, and watching reality tv!
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