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Housing Lottery Tips


So I’m sitting here watching my twitter explode with stressed/angry tweets about the lottery. I understand completely, seeing that I had an upper 200 number last year. In attempt to relieve some of this stress, here’s some fast tips that may help.

1. Take a second and breathe. It’s ok if you and your friend both have 200 numbers, you WILL be housed somewhere. 

2. Sign up for the waiting list. If you don’t end up where you want, you can always put your name on a waiting list for Crawford, etc. People may drop out/ switch roommates, and you may be able to move.

3. Ask around. Do any of your friends have ok/decent numbers? You and your potential roommate can switch to friends with lower numbers. You can be on the same floor, or switch mid-semester. Talk to upperclassman friends. Maybe they would be willing to pull you up into a quad or 6 man. 

4. Try not to let this drama get in the way of your friendships. This is the one part of the semester that can cause the most damage in friendships. Keep your mind open, and have a mutual understanding that if you both have 300 numbers, you may have to switch. Keep an open dialogue with your friends, and tell them if you have another plan, so they can have time to find one themselves. 

Kaitlin is a sophomore at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. She is currently studying Economics with a minor in Communication. When Kaitlin isn't studying, you can find her attending events for her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, writing articles, playing tennis, or watching Bravo obsessively.  As a Bravo fangirl, she would love to meet Andy Cohen. 
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