Goodbye Summer: Why I’m Happy it’s Finally Fall

Everyone has their favorite seasons. As a student, it always felt like summer was the season that everyone else looked forward to. School was over, it was warmer outside, and you finally had what seemed like all the time possible to do anything. While fall isn’t my favorite season, it’s always been the season I looked forward to most.

This may sound incredibly nerdy, but I loved fall because it meant school started again. I got to see my friends and make new ones for another whole year. On top of that, I loved learning. To me, the routine itself was fun and engaging. I loved getting ready, learning, and then going back home to be with my family. Of course that changed as I got older. But college is different on another level. I haven’t gone home after a day of school in 3 years. 


Now that it’s fall again, I’m starting to realize that as a senior, this is my last “routine” fall. It’s the last fall I’ll see and live with my friends. It’s the last fall where my one objective is to get an education. It’s the last fall that’ll begin things for me that are dear and familiar. It’s both scary and exciting. 


It’s not all scary. There are things I look forward to that have nothing to do with my routine. I can’t wait to go apple picking and attempt making an apple pie (even though I absolutely hate apple pie). And who knows, maybe this will be the first Halloween where I actually dress up and go trick-or-treating. It’s also football and hockey season. 


There are so many things I look forward to. I’m not entirely at that place yet where I can say “I’m not scared of fall 2021” but no matter what, I can say I’m excited. This next fall, I can finally try to be that “big girl” version of myself I imagined when I was little. I can (hopefully) finally put all that I’ve learned into a job that gives back in some way. Who knows what will happen? All I know is that I’m glad to see these seasons changing.