Goodbye, Denison

As I sit here writing this, I’m sitting next to two of my closest friends, Grace McCurry and McKenna Ross. We are all lounging on the couch in our apartment, not speaking, but simply enjoying the presence of one another. My friend, Heather Wiggins, is out riding her horse for the last time and we’re excitedly awaiting her return. Once she is finished, we are heading to the Short North in Columbus to spend our last weekend together as undergraduate students.


This simple moment seems so precious today, knowing that in eight short days, we will no longer be Denison students, but alumnae. I will miss these times, these friends of mine that have made my senior year so worthwhile. I have formed so many special relationships here at Denison, with so many people, that it is almost painful to imagine life without them. I’m lucky enough to be moving in with my dear friend, Mary Massarelli, as we transition to Cincinnati in the fall, but there are so many others that I will miss, professors included.



Dr. Susan Kennedy, Dr. Cody Brooks, and Dr. Hollis Griffin have been such important people in my life over the past four years. They have formed me into the person I am today and leaving this place, without them, is difficult. They have helped me make my dreams possible and now that I’m finally living my dream, it is time to leave.


I’ll miss Claire Maurer, a freshman (or now sophomore), that I grew close to after meeting her in her first-year advising circle in the fall. I was assisting Dr. Kennedy as an Advising Assistant and met a wonderful young woman that I knew, right away, was going to do amazing things. It pains me that I won’t be here to see those things.


I’ll miss my friends Macy Diaz, Olivia Durham, and Maddie Kusminsky-- three of my Tri Delta sisters that I met freshmen year that have had a lasting impact on my life. They all three have been there to support me, laugh with me, and love me more than I could imagine. Hannah Fishkin, a bold woman with a strong love for her friends, is another that I will miss more than words. Her personality and love for the world is contagious and I know she’ll do amazing things.


Sarah Droder and Courtney Broady are amazing women who helped me when I needed it most and walked with me as I fell back into step with God. They are best friends that were meant to be sisters and I’m so blessed that I was able to meet them when I did. I hope to see Sarah around Cincinnati the next three years, but the ache for Courtney will be there.


There are so many others that I will miss dearly, and to name them all would take days, but I hope you know that if you’re reading this, you will most definitely be missed.

As I prepare for my transition from Denison, I can’t help but think that the people are what made my experience what it has been. I realize that Denison, the place itself, isn’t what made my experience what it has been, but rather it is the people around me. I know that it is time to move on with my life, but leaving this place, these people, won’t be easy. I know that my life is going to change and I’m going to keep growing, but it all seems like it’s moving way too fast. I have been moved and changed by those around me and I cannot thank them enough for giving me the wings to fly. My parents are a huge part of that, too. I cannot thank them enough for giving me the world and allowing me to find my place in it.


I will miss writing these pieces, as they have given me a voice in such a big universe. Her Campus has filled parts of my life that I didn’t realize were missing.


The world out there is scary, but you all have given me the strength to push forward.


Thank you...and with that, I must say farewell.



I’ll miss you.

Goodbye, Denison.