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A Freshman’s (And Maybe An Upperclassman’s) Guide to Big Red Parent Weekend

Big Red Weekend is approaching! Your parents have been calling you all week about how excited they are about seeing your dorm and your campus. After hugs and a short tour of your dorm room, you find yourself asking- what now? As an upperclassman, I feel like I have Parents Weekend down to a relative science:

1. Go to the Burpee Parent’s Weekend Show– It’s an hour of good-hearted, hilarious family fun!
2. Granville Farmers’ Farket– Parents love it and hey, maybe you can convince them to stock your room with delicious food that is not from the dining hall.
3. Show them your Classrooms– I did this with my mom freshman year and she was apparently excited to see the rooms I was learning in. Just be wary of the Fellows elevator (we got stuck).
4. Go to a Denison sporting event– even if you are not on a team or have friends that are, it is a great way to kill some time and enjoy the weather, assuming it is good weather (fingers crossed).
5. Have dinner in town– Enjoy the down home restaurants in Granville, though if you choose Brews, go early. The wait is always really long.
6. Go to Whits– this seems obvious, who doesn’t love good custard? Especially when it is your parents’ treat!

Big Red Weekend is a time to show off our lovely hill to our families, though sometimes those few days can seem like a lifetime with nothing to do. Try to start planning activities as soon as you can so you aren’t left standing in Slayter staring at each other. And if all else fails, get your parents to take you to Easton, then at least maybe they will buy you stuff!

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