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Dedicated to the love of my life…

Sometimes life gets a hold of us and we forget about what is important.


Our lives are filled with hours upon hours of work and we barely find time for play.


We have lost touch with who we are. Because of that, we have forgotten why we are together.


The feeling of being without you is painful. It is as if I lost a part of myself.


I move through each day without purpose or intention. I finish my work and move onto the next task. Yet, when I fall asleep at night, all I can think about is you.


My mind takes me back to what truly matters.


I think about my family, my friends, all my blessings, and you.


You are all of those things. You are my best friend, the most meaningful blessing of all, and you’ve become a part of my family.


I’m sorry that I haven’t been myself.


That I haven’t loved like I used to and given you the most delicate pieces of myself.


I’m sorry that my texts are meaningless and empty.


I want you to know that I will forever and always love you.


My emptiness has been pouring into you and I know it’s bringing you down, causing you to question who I am.


I’m ready to get back to our lives. To laugh for hours with each other, stay up all night talking, and flirting like teenagers.


I want to know why you love me; I want to know what’s been keeping you close, even in my darkest of times.


I know that you want to know why I love you. Why I haven’t given up on us in all these years.




You should know that I can still remember the way you looked at me in the beginning. How your eyes poured into mine.


The way your laugh melts my heart, how I can see the joy in your smile.


The feeling I have when you hold me close and kiss the top of my head.


The random texts of “I love you’s” and “You’re beautiful’s.”


How you would drop anything and everything to be by my side.




I know. We have grown up and our lives are different now. But I don’t want these moments to disappear.


We still have time. We can still dig ourselves out.


Fight with me, will you?

I’ll be your forever and you’ll be my always, just as we planned.

Just an average girl, living in an average world, with an above average love for love.
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