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Fall Is My New Favorite Season

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Before coming to Denison, I would always tell people that spring was unequivocally the best season. I was born in spring, so I’m biased, but I just thought it was the prettiest time of the year. You can walk down the street with a light jacket and watch the flowers start to bloom all around you as you anticipate the end of the school year. Spring is the epitome of light green, soothing and peaceful.

But being at Denison during the past month has given me a new appreciation for fall. Back home in Maryland, fall never felt that special or aesthetic to me, it just meant that winter was coming and I really hate winter (a topic I will definitely be writing about come January). But when the many beautiful trees on campus started turning yellow and orange, I couldn’t help myself, I would just stare in awe at the beautiful foliage. My camera roll quickly started to fill up with dozens and dozens of photos of the trees. I could probably rank the top 5 most gorgeous trees on campus right now, just based on the color of their leaves. The top spot would definitely go to that one tree in front of Higley, that tree has my heart. Walking down the hill towards Eisner was another great time to snap a picture of all the leaves on the hills behind Granville. Sometimes the evening light just hits the trees so beautifully that it would be criminal not to bask in the beauty of the moment.

Fall also brings about the sweater aesthetic which is always a welcome change from wearing sweaty summer clothes. In the past month, I’ve loved pulling out a nice wool sweater and my favorite pair of boots and stepping on some crunchy leaves as I walk to class. Maybe I’ll stop for a nice warm chai latte and watch the leaves drift down peacefully from their trees. This is the kind of fall appreciation that I’ve learned from being at Denison and I am very thankful for this new outlook on life.

Ellie Owen

Denison '25

Hey, I'm Ellie and I'm a freshman from Silver Spring, Maryland. I'm so excited to be a part of HerCampus at Denison because I'm passionate about writing! In my free time, I like to watch movies, dance and hang out with friends.
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