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Essie Fall 2014 Collection

So basically, for all of you girls out there who weren’t aware, Essie has a different collection of nail polish colors for every season of the year. The geniuses at Essie ensure that every season comes with colors that are absolutely perfect and are paired with names that are very witty and even cuter than the nail polishes themselves. So here’s a list of the Fall 2014 collection which I found on their website and haven’t stopped obsessing over for the past hour, enjoy! Oh and the website is super fun to go through too, if you’re a nail polish fanatic. Here’s the link: http://www.essie.com

Enjoy! :)

Dress to kilt

Take it outside

Partner in crime

Fall in line

Style cartel 

The perfect cover up

And if you’re like me and anything obnoxiously vivid and colorful makes you happy, then feel free to also admire the 2014 neon collection. You’re welcome. 


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