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Die Hard is definitely a Christmas movie and I am here to tell you why. Sure it isn’t the predictable Hallmark love story or the poorly animated Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeers, but let’s take a look at Die Hard and see what makes it Christmas.


To start, let’s look at the plot. John is just a man that is trying to make it home to spend the holidays with his family. The family situation is strained, but John comes out to try to make amends with his wife and be there for her and his daughter for Christmas. Now if that doesn’t sound like the plot of any cheesy Christmas movie, then I don’t know what you’ve been watching.


The music is also a huge cue that this is definitely a Christmas movie. The movie is riddled with it! The soundtrack includes Jingle Bells, Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!, Winter Wonderland and more. And there are references to Christmas music throughout the film through people whistling and humming etc. These are things that you just have to rewatch the film to pick up on those, but hey it’s Christmas time.

There are a ton of cute little Christmas phrases and references throughout the film. Besides the Merry Christmases that are littered through the film, some of the most memorable phrases are “Now I have a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho.” and “Twas the Night before Christmas…”


If the above points did not convince you that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, then let the film writer tell you. Last year, Time magazine wrote an article ending the debate once and for all that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Merry Christmas!

Grace McCurry

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