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Diaries of an Ice Cream Scooper: Best Ways to Eat Ice Cream This Summer

Ever since the spring of my senior year of high school, I have worked every summer as an ice cream scooper at Katie’s Korner Ice Cream in Kent, OH. Having spent three summers there, I have tried more ice cream flavors than I can count and, not to toot my own horn, but have also come up with some pretty delicious creations along the way. The majority of them do involve peanut butter and/or cookie dough, so buckle up for this ride of deliciousness and keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times. 


Vanilla Ice Cream/Soft Serve with Peanut Butter Sauce

  • A classic. Need I say more?


Vanilla Soft Serve with Pecans

  • A simple combination, but the salty pecans with the creamy soft serve is divine.


Cookie Dough Soft Serve Treat with Peanut Butter Sauce

  • Whether you are a tried-and-true Dairy Queen Blizzard fan or are willing to try the off-brand creations at your local ice cream shop, the peanut butter adds a special touch to an already delicious treat.


Coconut Almond with Hot Fudge

  • If you are an Almond Joy fan, you will die for this combo. The hot fudge makes the ice cream much more chocolate-y and chewy, just like the candy bar.


Reese + Cookie Dough Ice Cream

  • One scoop of each is the perfect combo for candy/cookie lovers and gives you lots of things to chew on. Add peanut butter sauce for even more decadence. 

silviarita via pixabay

Whitehouse + Pistachio

  • I know this sounds like a weird combo, but here me out. The almond extract in most pistachio ice creams pairs really well with the maraschino cherries in the Whitehouse. So good!


Red + Blue Sherbert

  • I am not a huge sherbert fan myself, but if you want something refreshing, this combo makes the perfect fruity pair (and is pretty for pictures, too!)


Ultimate Milkshake!!!

  • It took me three years to figure it out, but this past summer I finally created the ultimate milkshake. Imagine chocolate chip ice cream (vanilla w/ chocolate chips mixed in), fresh banana, peanut butter sauce, pecans, and just a splash of milk blended together and eaten with a spoon. Heaven!


As you can tell, I love ice cream so if you have any tried and true ice cream concoctions that you swear by, reach out and I’ll give them a taste. Happy eating!

Grace Klein

Denison '22

Grace is a senior Educational Studies and History double major with a Women's and Gender Studies minor from a small town in Northeast Ohio. When she is not busy studying or writing for Her Campus, you can find her spending time with family and friends, playing volleyball with her BFFs, listening to country music, or eating choclate chip cookies :)
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