Cooking is Vital for my Sanity

In college, it can be hard to do the things you’re used to doing at home, like cooking a real meal. Tuesday might be my busiest day this semester but that doesn’t stop me from going to Culinary Club. This little club helps remind me of the things I miss, like being home and cooking in a real kitchen. I may have signed up for way too many clubs I don’t go to during the Activities Fair but Culinary Club is always a priority for me.


Culinary Club is the perfect way for me to unwind during the week. Though I’m not always able to make it, it’s something that I look forward to. I find myself leaving Culinary Club happier than I was before. Being able to cook delicious meals and have meaningful conversations with different people is an ideal pairing for me. My favorite meal we’ve made so far is definitely the stuffed pasta shells with garlic bread, salad, and apple crisp. Not only are these meals delicious, they also help me save a meal swipe here and there. 


When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do was bake with my mom. I loved paging through her vast collection of cookbooks and dog-earing the recipes that I wanted to make. We would make everything, from banana bread to layer cakes. My mom is a firm believer that food made from scratch is both more delicious and more meaningful. I couldn’t agree more with her. Oftentimes when I bake, I bake for somebody. The love and thought that goes into cooking is what I love about it. 

I think that it’s important to keep doing the things you love during college. My first semester of college has been a major transition for me. Finding familiarity in even the mundane things has been essential for keeping the homesickness at bay. Seizing opportunities to participate in events and clubs that remind you of home is a great way to fight off homesickness. Right now I miss Minneapolis more than anything but Thanksgiving break is right around the corner. And Thanksgiving break means home-cooked meals that I get to make with my mom.