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The Consistent Disregard for the 50 Percent: The Title X Gag Rule and Brett Kavanaugh

Earlier this summer, the Trump administration released proposed language to be used in a law entitled, The Title X Family Planning Program Rule. In it, the administration details its systematic defunding of clinics, like Planned Parenthood, who offer abortion services as a “method of family planning.” The statement from the Press Secretary specified that the rule is to be put in place “to ensure that taxpayers do not indirectly fund abortions” and insures that the “gag-rule” is not included within this new Title X Rule. Unfortunately for the women of America, while this proposed rule may not include the same language as the Title X Rule from the Reagan era, but the sentiment still remains. The Trump administration was doing what it could to insure that abortion is illegal, without actually making it so.

Planned Parenthood is essential for many women who don’t have the ability to see a specialist or even a primary care doctor regularly. At Planned Parenthood, women are not only treated for abortion services and referrals, but the clinic is also responsible for providing mammograms, STD testing and treatments, birth control, emergency contraception, and general healthcare. All of which are necessary services for all women. The Title X Rule essentially becomes another “gag rule” because with decreased funding, Planned Parenthood and clinics like it, will not be able to provide necessary procedures and services to women, much less provide them with abortion services. Not to mention the fact that if these services are taken away, it is likely that abortion and unplanned pregnancy rates will increase, due to the fact that many women will have nowhere to turn when they need birth control or emergency contraceptives.

Fast forward a few months from when the new Title X Rule was published, to now; when in the last few weeks, Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of rape and sexual misconduct. Despite the fact that Trump chose him as the nominee simply because of his own personal views regarding Roe v. Wade and abortion, this instance has made it clear that the President of the United States could care less about providing justice for women. Within a few months, Trump is working to take away a woman’s right to choose and through his pick for the next Supreme Court Justice, is clearly making a statement to all of the women of America. He simply doesn’t care.

Donald Trump does not care about infringing on a woman’s reproductive rights. He doesn’t care that victims of rape and sexual assault are often denied justice for what has happened to them. He doesn’t care, perhaps because he is a man is doesn’t have to. But regardless of what he tries to tell us (the Title X Rule statement begins with, “a proposed rule on Title X family planning program fulfills Donald J. Trump’s promise to continue to improve women’s health”), it is clear that these are not his true intentions. Donald Trump has little regard for what 50 percent of his country says or thinks. It is apparent that, at this day and age, women continue to live in a man’s world and I personally cannot wait for the day when our revolution takes hold.    

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