Celebrating Valentine's Day Single

For those of us who are in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a time of reflection on your love for each other and a renewal of those emotions. But to all others who are not steadfast with their wanted other, Valentine’s Day is merely another Hallmark card that is meant to make me feel terrible about being alone. Again.

This year, change it up!

Here are 14 awesome things you can do when you’re single this Valentine’s Day:

1. Have a movie marathon featuring your celebrity crush.

Truly, any night spent watching every single Leonardo DiCaprio movie is a night well spent.

2. Go on a shopping spree.   

Been wanting that cute mini skirt, but never had the guts? Treat yourself! Take the money that you could have spent on dinner and flowers and get yourself a little whimsy!

3. Pamper Yourself!

Take advantage of all the “me-time” and have a quaint spa night. Throw on some comfy clothes, grab the face masks and oils, and feel relaxed.

4. Tinder Roulette   

Connect your phone up to the TV and broadcast your Tinder to the whole room. Have your friends help you swipe right and – who knows – maybe you’ll find yourself a date for next year’s Valentine’s Day.

5. Galentine’s Day      

SO much more fun than stuffy restaurants with dimmed lighting. Grab all your best friends, watch the “Parks and Rec” episode that started it all, and do something you all love doing!

6. Throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day party.

 If you’re still one of those people who doesn’t even want to think about red hearts and love, throw the anti-party to end all Valentine’s Day festivities. Ban anything pink, red, or covered in hearts and bash February 14 as much as you can. The rest of the festivities are completely up to you.

7. Do something your ex hated.

Love Indian food or wearing 6-inch heels where your ex absolutely hated it if you did? Why not do it all! Treat yourself to some nice Indian food while wearing those 6 – inch heels and rocking the entire joint. Spend the entire day doing things your ex couldn’t stand!

8. Fake your way through couples deals.

 It doesn’t take much to fake a couple, so hop on all those discounts made for them!

9. Buy your favorite foods.

  Guess what? You don’t even have to share! Devour that entire chocolate cake all by yourself. There’s no other forks you have to compete with now!

10. Immerse yourself in laughter.

Turn on some stand-up with John Mulaney and Aziz Ansari on Netflix and drown those sorrows in tears of laughter!

11. Fall in love with something new.

Always wanted to take a ballet class or try your hand at drawing? Why not take the day to do just that! Challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before. Maybe you’ll fall in love with that more than anything a person ever did!

12. “Secret Valentine” 

Much like the ever sought after secret snowflake, get your gal pals together to be each other’s Valentine’s this year! Draw names from a hat and buy whomever you draw a little something. Then you can all get together, exchange gifts, and enjoy a night on the town!

13. Go see 50 Shades of Grey with you girl gang

Hey, what’s wrong with a little bit of 50 Shades?

14. Have a sleepover

No matter what age, sleepovers with your best friends are ALWAYS a good idea. Grab some pizza, soda, cheesy romcoms, and some Mario Kart – just have a good time celebrating your love for each other!


So take the time this season of love to start focusing on loving yourself!