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Campus Celebrity: Jordan Patterson


             Jordan Patterson is living the life.

             Jordan strategically gets as much as sleep as possible, so he wakes up at 8:25 for his 8:30 class, Spanish. At 9:30, Jordan has nothing to do, so you can find him sleeping on the fifth floor of Talbot. As soon as you get off the elevator you can see Jordan sprawled out on the armchair with his feet propped up on the stool he that dragged across the room. Jordan follows his nap with an interesting hour of Biology, and then goes to his FYS, which is about genocide in the 20th century. Jordan then gets his culture in with an hour of Ethnic Studies. Luckily, Jordan is done with classes at 1:30, and then goes to Curtis to grab lunch with his roommate, Matt Brady.

            Jordan is a self-proclaimed football and track “star.” Jordan is a running back and runs 100, 200, 4×4, 4×1 in track. Jordan runs to support the team. As you can see, Jordan is quite the selfless hero. If you want to hear something humorous, listen to Jordan’s interview as NCAC athlete of the week, where he reflects on his “god given talent.” Very humble. Jordan has some diva tendencies. Jordan has a rare illness where his ankle flares up only during the most difficult workouts.

Getting to Know Jordan Patterson:

Where are you from? Cincinnati, Ohio

Favorite Food? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with strawberry milk.

What is your biggest fear?


Writer’s note: When he was little he had bunk bed, and he slept with the light on because Jordan was a baby. The ladybugs were everywhere and they would attack Jordan. As Jordan recounts the only savage ladybug attack in human history, you can hear the pain in his voice and it is clear that this was genuinely a traumatic experience for baby Jordan.

Where is your ideal vacation?

Puerto Rico, I have a house there.

Writer’s note: Jordan has a huge fear of barracudas. Jordan recalled a time he snorkeled with his father in Jamaica and saw a barracuda. Young Jordan filled his mask with tears as he clutched to his dad’s hand, fearing for his life. 

Favorite TV show? Workaholics, Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad.

Favorite Movie? The Notebook. 

Celebrity crush(es): Vanessa Hudgens, Mila Kunis, Alex Morgan

When was your first kiss? First grade in the coat closet. 

Most embarrassing moment:

Getting my teeth knocked out in front of the whole school

Writer’s note: All 5 feet and 4 inches of freshman year Jordan was hit in the face. The whole school was there. Trying to get a rebound, he received an elbow to the face! Panicked, Jordan looked to his left and what does he see? His two teeth on the ground. He didn’t cry, he bravely picked up his teeth, and he walked off the floor. Turns out his teammate knocked his teeth out. 

That was Jordan’s first and last basketball appearance. 

Denison University Class of 2016!!I am from Dallas, Texas and I am going to school in the great state of Ohio!
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