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Campus Celebrity: Jenny Cook

Our Campus Celebrity this week is well known around Denison University. In the past year she became a Communication Fellow, helped future freshmen out at June-O, became the president of her sorority, has 2 jobs on campus, and on top of that is a part of the Senior Class Gift Committee. Hailing from Granville, OH this week we would like to name Jenny Cook as our Campus Celebrity.

Even though Jenny has taken on a ton of responsibility lately she’s still having the time of her life! When asked how it is being the President of Kappa Alpha Theta she said, “It’s really fun…I’ve gotten to know so many more people because of being President and it’s been great!” It’s hard to believe that between all her presidential duties that she still has time to take care of classes.

With the end of Senior year coming closer every day, Jenny already has her sights set on what she wants to do after Denison. If the opportunity arises Jenny wants to travel to Europe or Asia following graduation. Afterwards she hopes to get a job as a PR/Marketing consultant for a big PR firm in an even bigger city or possibly go to grad school. No matter where she ends up we’re sure she’ll be a phenomenal addition to anyone’s team!

To wrap things up we asked Jenny if she could give any Senior advice to underclassman what would it be? Without any hesitation she answered “Don’t loose sight to the reason you’re here…you’re going to Denison for a reason and that is to receive and education”. Honestly we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Keep up the work Jenny and thanks for being a role model to the wonderful collegiettes of Denison University.


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