The Best Coffee Shops In Granville and Columbus!

Coffee and college students go together like peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, and me and my best friend.   They just belong together, and getting the perfect cup is essential. Over the years, these places have been the subject of pop culture fascination. Books, television shows, and movies have all highlighted and glamorized the quaint shops like Central Perk in Friends. Honestly, coffee shops are some of my favorite places. I have a thing for coffee shops. They encompass my favorite things in the world: sugar, caffeine, and books.

If you couldn’t tell, coffee is my drug of choice and over the last three (and counting) years at Denison, I’ve been to nearly every coffee shop in Granville and Columbus. My favorite part of coffee is certifiably the coffee shops themselves and the atmosphere within. It’s just a great atmosphere to sit down do homework or talk with a friend or two. Columbus is home to some fabulous coffee shops. However, our quaint Granville has some real coffee gems as well.

This is a list of my favorites (2 from Granville, and 2 from Columbus), and my personal recommendations at each. Enjoy!


1. River Road - Granville, OH

River Road is a favorite for Denison students cramming for exams or writing essay.  It is situated in an old house about a mile and a half from campus. The atmosphere is charming, welcoming, and cozy. Lots of comfy furniture, and each room is filled with an assortment of seating options that range from rocking chairs to coaches with end tables sprinkled throughout.  Over the summer, I spent a lot of time curled up on an arm chair with a book in the main sitting area, so I can personally report the seating is extremely comfy. The front of the shop has long wooden tables perfect for spreading out all your papers. A huge perk is the free WIFI codes at the counter.

It is very popular for frozen drinks and bagels, my favorite being the Frozen River Road Mocha. Oh my goodness gracious, I have to stop myself from drinking the entire drink in 2 seconds. It’s divine, and honestly tastes better than a milkshake. River Road has all of their frozen specialty drinks on the wall, and they are all amazing.  I have never ordered a frozen drink from here I did not love. The specialty drinks near Christmas time are something special, especially the gingerbread latte.  

I have heard very good reviews about the teas at River Road, but I stick to coffee when I’m here (surprise, surprise).

Pro tip: the bagels go really fast, so get there early!  Also, River Road sells the local Lucky Cat Bakery White Chocolate Chip Raspberry Scones, which are incredible.

Here's the address:

River Road Coffeehouse – Granville

 935 River Road

 Granville, Ohio 43023


2. Village Coffee - Granville, OH

I have a very special place in my heart for Village Coffee. It was my first cup of coffee in Granville.  The hot drinks are my go-to here.  Honestly, the Buckeye Latte is the perfect, and it’s by far my favorite drink at the shop.  There is a strong chocolate and peanut flavor complimenting each other wonderfully.  I think it’s very strong espresso compared to other hot coffees.  However, I probably just drink it too fast since it tastes amazing.  Personally, I strongly recommend it hot as opposed to frozen in regard to flavor quality.

The ambiance of this coffee shop is casual and definitely can be a good spot to do some homework. The lounge area has comfortable seats and an electronic fireplace. There are also a few outdoor tables outside to enjoy the weather while it’s still nice outside.

A lot of Denison students prefer River Road, but Village Coffee is closer to campus (walkable), but that may be in part because Village Coffee is closed on Sundays and only open until 5 p.m. (sad face tear).

Nevertheless, come grab a coffee (hot buckeye latte) and wander around the farmers’ market next Saturday morning, and you’ll get a sense of the charming town we live in.


Village Coffee Company

132 East Broadway, Granville Ohio 43023


Now, onto Columbus! 

1. Fox in the Snow Cafe - Columbus, OH

I think Fox in the Snow is adorable. The atmosphere is loud and lively as the floors are concrete.  The coffee shop offers up delicious treats and a cozy, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.  Did I mention delicious? I cannot stress enough the pastries are beyond fantastic. I love the ginormous cinnamon rolls topped with a cream cheese frosting. Also, the pastry (morning bun?) shaped like a mushroom filled with chocolate is lovely.

Not only are the pastries exquisite, but there is more! The egg sandwich is something not to be missed. I am not a huge fan of eggs, but this sandwich has me hooked-- crunchy delicious bread filled with egg, bacon, arugula, and special sauce.

My Go-to Order: 

Honestly, the coffee here is good, but not the best. I normally stick with a New Orleans style iced latté.  The egg sandwich and all baked goods (which are all made in house!) are the major reason to go here. There isn’t any WIFI here, so go with friends or read a book on the outdoor patio.


Fox in the Snow Cafe

1031 N 4th St, Columbus, OH 43201


2. The Roosevelt Coffeehouse - Columbus, OH

This place is a real gem, and is my favorite coffee shop ever. EVER. If I really want/need to get work done, and decide to drive into Columbus, this is the place I pick without fail 100% of the time. Free WIFI, fabulous coffee, and donuts, honestly this might be as close to heaven as you can get in Ohio.

The coffee is perfection in a lovely white mug.  The caramel latte is my absolute favorite, but everything is good. They have a rotating seasonal menu that is filled with unique drinks sure to impress.

This place has something for everyone from a coffee connoisseur to my brother. And they have delicious donuts from Destination Donuts. The donuts are incredible. I don’t know how they make donuts so much better than the rest of the world, but somehow, they managed it. I personally prefer the donuts with chocolate the best, so those are the ones I primarily order.  I have friends who insist the other donuts are just as good.

The coffee shop itself is well laid out and cute accented with tall ceilings. When you first walk in it is an open space with lots of tables. They have vinyl records playing music throughout the day and the music was cool and relaxing while I read my book. 

If you didn’t think this place could get any better, well, think again. The Roosevelt is a coffee shop with a cause. They rotate charities that they support with the profits of their sales. After they pay the staff, bills, etc., they put money towards helping some really great organizations, charities, and great humanitarian causes. I don't know about you, but that takes this place from really great to truly fantastic. 

(Me with my go-to caramel latte!)


The Roosevelt Coffee House

300 E Long St Columbus, OH 43215



Honestly, whichever coffee shop you end up at on this list is purely delightful. I have had countless lovely memories at each, and I hope you do too.