Beat Those Mid-Semester Blues

It happens to the best of us—that feeling of monotony hits, and you feel like do the same thing every day with no change. Perhaps you’re one step away from an existential crisis. About 75% of the time, that’s me, and last semester I figured out a way to not only change my routine, but get closer to my friends (and myself) as well.

It’s not uncommon to find me in the library or in my bed, either doing homework, watching reruns of various crime procedurals, or a combination of both. And as much as I love watching reruns of crime procedurals, I know I sometimes need to get some fresh air and human interaction.

Once I realized this, I started going on “adventures.” These could be by myself or with friends, but they are nearly always spontaneous. One time my roommate and I got mozzarella cheese sticks at the Arby’s drive thru and went to the park to use the swings at midnight. Not only did we do something nostalgic and childlike, but we also got to know each other better in the process.  Another time, a friend and I went to the animal shelter and walked the dogs around the yard and cuddled with the cats. We got some much-needed animal therapy that day, and gave the animals some affection in return.

Sometimes it’s hard to have adventures when there’s no money to do something “fun.” And while it’s great to splurge on an adventure like my recent trip to Chicago, you can also have cheaper adventures, like bowling or mini golf. But in my opinion, the best adventures are often the ones that are spur-of-the-moment and free. That’s when you make the best connections and discover the most interesting things about yourself.

So go for a walk in the bio reserve, take a book outside and read to your heart’s content (especially if it’s going to keep being this warm), go ice skating, do something! There’s a lot more to college than homework—go experience it.