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Bea Lawson ’17

Name: Bea Lawson

Hometown: Shakopee, Minnesota

Relationship status: Single

Major: Environmental Studies, Biology minor

Year: Sophomore


Bea is quite the involved one on campus! She’s the pledge educator for Delta Gamma, loves going to “Den Fems” meetings, and just applied for a grant to build a native pollinator garden in New Yorkl. She also loves hiking and is going on a research trip to the Bahamas to study iguanas in May. In addition, she’s part of the Green Team. 

Fun Fact: “I wish I could take Environmental Studies classes forever”


Favorite thing about Denison?

The opportunities are pretty endless. I love how there are always cool speakers/performers/things going on. And I love being able to live with my best friends.


Dream job

Something in the field of conservation. I love turtles. I would love to research turtles. Maybe live on an island and study its ecosystems. These are big dreams.


Favorite study spot

Slayter. I’m a proud Slayter groupie.


Any life advice to share for the world?

Don’t be mean.


Favorite weekend activity

Lying in bed cuddling and watching movies with my friends and recovering from the night before.


Any big plans for your remaining years at Denison?

I’m studying abroad in the fall!! That’s my big plan for now.


Role model

Blair Waldorf. She’s fierce. She knows what she wants and she gets it. And her headbands inspire me.


Dream city to live in

Quebec. It’s so beautiful. Canada rocks.


Favorite dish at a Granville restaurant

Guacamole from Day y Noche.


Hidden talent

I think I write really funny tweets sometimes. Some days I think it would be really fun to be Twitter famous. Hit cha girl up: @queen_beeeez


I'm a sophomore at Denison University from Boca Raton, Florida. I'm a psychology major and when I'm not studying, you can find me walking around campus trying to figure out what to do with this freezing Ohio weather, playing tennis with friends, or just looking for someone fun to talk to!
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