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B is for Bikes: Tips for Stylish Cycling in Copenhagen!

Denison’s own Allie Colina had a photoshoot in Copenhagen highlighting cycling fashion in Europe! The wonderful Sarah Hayes also added commentary on these shots. Check out her cool pics! 

Things we’ve learned about Copenhagen Biking Fashion:
1. Huge comfy scarves are a must.
2. Black is back. Be sassy.
3. Classy baby wagons are the cutest accessary. 
4. Don’t text while biking! Stop and look chic before doing it.
5. Leather Jackets aren’t just for Harley babes.
6. Make those biker legs stand out!
7. No parking lots here!
8. Baskets are a must! Add a splash of color with yours. 
9. Riding with your backpack is acceptable. 
10. You can ride in your heels here!

Photos by Allie Colina Photography 

History and Communications major. From Philadelphia. Professional Photographer. http://alliecolinaphotography.tumblr.com/
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