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6 Moments That Describe Exactly What it Feels Like to Get Sick Before Finals

It comes slowly, but you feel it almost immediately. It might start with a pain in your throat, a headache or even an uneasy belly. Overtime the symptoms develop until… you have the finals plague! If you’re just beginning to get sick, or the remedy is already in the works, here are 6 moments that will be all too relatable.


  1. When the first sign of the plague makes itself known.

The panic starts to set in and you realize… maybe this is how it all ends. The show must go on, but you shove an extra pack of tissues and some Tylenol into your bag.


2. After the plague sets in, and you realize it might be time to call an actual medical professional.

Your denial kept you from reaching for a phone, but by now you’re not sure what day it is and you can’t afford the amount of tissues you’ve blown through in these last few days. It’s officially time to call a doctor.

3. Will it be the school work that ends you, or the illness itself?

Now comes the feeling of drowning (in both work and perhaps even your own mucus). Will you ever catch up, or are you doomed to fail every class because of this one absence?


4. You’re starting to regain your human characteristics.

Your nose may forever be chapped, and your skin may never appear youthful again, but at least your eyes aren’t blood shot anymore. Maybe this means you can finally eat in public again?


5. You’ve made it back to class, but will this cough ever leave?

You’re halfway through a philosophy lecture when you feel something catch in your throat. You lunge for water, a tissue or anything to stop this impending disaster. Will you ever truly be free of your finals plague demons?


6. Summer arrives and you are finally healed.

The world is your oyster, and you are finally healthy enough to enjoy it. Have a great summer, and remember to eat your veggies!

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