5 Companies Around the World that are Supporting Sustainability

In the last year, The United States has endured the brutality of global warming with a series of recent natural disasters, ranging from stage five hurricanes to bomb cyclones. Although our president claims global warming is a “Chinese conspiracy,” it’s essential that we recognize and address this issue in order to save not only the environment, but also humanity.

Since the U.S. government is not making strides to address this issue, I am calling on companies to take up the responsibility. Here is a list of five companies that are taking the initiative to support sustainability, and I hope other companies follow suit:

1. Netherland’s Super Market Chain, Ekoplaza, opens Europe’s first plastic-free supermarket aisle.

Teaming up with the sustainable group, A Plastic Planet, Ekoplaza has developed an aisle that holds over “700 plastic-free products.” This campaign will not increase product cost and will force buyers to go green. It’s a win, win for the consumer, the company and the environment.

2. Swedish Furniture Store, IKEA, uses solar energy and purchases sustainable products.

  • 50% of wood is purchased from sustainable foresters
  • 100% of cotton is purchased from farms that meet Better Cotton standards (which means they have reduced their amount of water, energy and chemical usage)
  • Over 700,000 solar panels are used to power its stores.

3. America’s brewing company, New Belgium Brewing, diverts 99.8% of its waste from landfills.


    4. America’s cleaning product company, Seventh Generation, uses 0% of harmful toxins and chemicals.

    • Uses recycled packaging materials
    • Uses biodegradable ingredients

    5. Germany’s luxury car company, BMW, purchases renewable energy and is building all electric and hybrid models.

    • Working to build 7 all-electric or hybrid models
    • 58% of electricity comes from renewable energy sources
    • Invested more than €350 million for further education and training programs since the inception of its sustainability plan.