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10 Disney Channel Throwbacks You Need to be Listening To

Let’s face it. It’s 2018, and most of us are old.

I’m not saying, “old,” as in It’s-Been-84-Years-Rose from Titanic. I mean that most of us have grown up and moved on to bigger and brighter things.

But, if you’re me, and can’t help being seduced by the sweet crooning of Jesse McCartney, the already-stellar-but-not-yet-next-level vocals from Demi Lovato, or the Jonas Brothers’ perfect boy band voices, then you’re probably missing out on these Disney Channel hits that permeated our childhood and teenage years.

1) ‘Beautiful Soul,’ by Jesse McCartney

If I could listen to him sing me to sleep every night, I think I’d be set for life.

2) ‘Strut,’ by the Cheetah Girls (Movie: The Cheetah Girls 2)

Female empowerment beautifully sung by women of color? HELL YES, PLEASE.

3) ‘Potential Breakup Song,’ by Aly and AJ

This song got me through a LOT of dramatic situations and I’m never breaking up with it.

4) ‘Send It On,’ by The Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus

Put six of the biggest DC stars to ever grace your TV and you’ve got this song. It’s stupidly catchy and if you watch the music video, there’s nothing better than watching these stars learn to properly lip-sync.

5) ‘She’s So Gone‘ by Naomi Scott (Movie: Lemonade Mouth)

This song was ahead of its time, and I adore it.

6) ‘Push It To the Limit,’ by Corbin Bleu (Movie: Jump In!)

If there was ever any doubt in your mind that Corbin Bleu is the most underrated DC actor, this will immediately erase it.

Also? It’s a FABULOUS workout song.

7) ‘What Dreams Are Made Of’ by Hilary Duff (Movie: The Lizzie McGuire Movie)

Okay, let’s be honest: “Sing to me, Paolo,” is the sickest burn in cinema history.

The song is pretty great, too.

8) ‘Gotta Find You,’ by Joe Jonas (Movie: Camp Rock)

If you aren’t swooning at the end of this song, you should probably see a doctor.

9) ‘Who Said,’ by Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus

What a pump-up song. Listen to this when you need some confidence.

10) ‘Every Day,’ by the High School Musical Cast (Movie: High School Musical 2)

This is possibly my favorite HSM song. It always makes me feel better and its reconnecting Troy and Gabriella after their rough breakup. And then the rest of the cast joins in.

Absolutely beautiful.

(Side Note: Nothing beats Zefron’s confused face at this part in the movie. Boy was lovestruck.)



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