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Online Classes: Making the Most Out of Virtual College

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Yes, online classes can be a pain but when the screen of your laptop holds the versatility of being a formal classroom, the face of your teacher, the quirky gossips of your friends and the cinema hall where you watch movies-you get the chance to explore newer things that were unavailable before.

Why Online Classes Aren’t All Bad

I think everyone agrees that rolling out of bed just to unmute your mic and say ‘present’ during the roll call has to be one of the best perks of virtual classes. But there are other benefits too!

Saving time and energy: You no longer need to wake up at six to catch the early train to the first lecture in the morning. Online classes give you the benefit of managing your time well since the long walks (or the hurried runs) to the college campus are no longer required.

Financially sound: Pandemic or no pandemic, online mode of college is actually cheaper than the offline one. Not only is the tuition fee cheaper but other expenses including conveyance, food and notebooks are also lowered, adding greatly to your monthly budget.

Nothing’s far from reach: Everything is a click away. You can attend multiple orientations, meets, and sessions by sitting on your couch. This is not limited to your college events but also other organisations that offer interesting workshops, panel discussions and talks. You don’t need to worry about ‘how do I get there?’ or ‘is that area safe?’ anymore because your laptop will certainly take care of you.

Expensive readings? Not anymore: There are multiple sources online where you can get free reading material for your studies. Even the professors are sharing YouTube links and pdf versions of books. Academics are no longer restrained to conventional classroom or book reading but have gone beyond the boundaries.

Great time for introverts to shine: While the offline college settings made it difficult for some introverts or socially awkward people to interact with their peers and/or educators, communicating when behind a screen is easier for everyone. Let’s be real, our generation thrives on texting and so this is right up in our alley.

Multitasker’s heaven: Now is the time to do yoga as you attend that annoying lecture just to get attendance, or get groceries while you listen to your society’s coordinator explain the same point for the fourth time, or simply catch up on your sleep during that tiny break between lectures and meetings. Online classes will help you get done on so many things (though I usually use the ‘sleep’ option).

With that spirit of multitasking, let’s learn about how we can make the most of online classes!

Getting the Most Out of Online Classes

While the present college life isn’t filled with offline fests and hanging out at cafes, online classes have given us the chance to do something different with our lives. Here’s how you can add more to your life during this time of online college:

Doing internships: Everyone you meet will ask you to start doing an internship during your college years. It adds to your resume but most importantly, it adds to your skill-set. Internships can be difficult to manage in an offline setting but nowadays, almost every internship is remote which gives you a chance to manage your time better between classes and work. Yes, you can log in to that boring lecture but actually be working on that Powerpoint your boss asked you to make and no one would know!

Explore personal projects: This is about what you want to do. You can start a travel blog or make your own cooking YouTube channel. During your college time, you must explore your interests and develop them further. Since you are not losing hours a day just travelling back and forth from your campus, online classes give you a chance to manage your personal endeavors along with your studies.

A plethora of resources: You are no longer bound to the library. This is the time to explore the unlimited resources you have at your fingertips. A number of websites, e-journals, pdfs, videos, documentaries are there to give you access to a world of opportunities. With online college, you learn to explore and exploit these online resources to your heart’s content.

Growing digital skills: Even though you may not be looking to get into a career that demands such a skill set, it is still important to know some basic digital skills in an increasingly digital world. Before 2020, how many of us knew how to manage a Google Meet or access online resources as we do now? These digital skills are important when it comes to a professional setting, getting you ready for the real world.

Better connections: You don’t need to hunt down your society head throughout the campus to ask that one question about the next event. Just PM them (because they will be online!). The professors don’t need to be approached in the intimidating staff room but an email (or a text) will suffice. Online classes have made it easier for us to approach our educators and peers. Due to this accessibility, you can now annoy them as much as you want and get all your questions answered.

But remember– while online classes can seem like a great way to be your best productive self, it is also important to not burn out. You must not overwork yourself.

Precautions for the Online Mode

Regular breaks: After every class, get up, take some steps, and have some water,

Balance is the key: Don’t forget to give time to your friends and family. Your personal life should be separated from your professional life.

With these in mind, go ahead and rock the next semester! Offline classes will resume soon but for now, you have to make the best out of what you have. These are tough times but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your chin up and live the best, fullest college life you can.


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Yashica (she/her) is an undergraduate based in Delhi, India. A student of Lady Shri Ram College for Women, she is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. Her poetry has been published by Sapphic Writers, The Red Megaphone, AsianZine, and The Write Order. She is also the coordinator of the creative writing society of her college. While she briefly worked as a content writer, she usually finds herself writing about the grotesque realities of the human psyche and society. Her work ranges from horror fiction to confessional poetry. She also writes about Dalit issues and her experiences as a member of the queer community.
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