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A documentary on classic rock legend Bruce Springsteen suggested that by changing the marketing process of his second album, he became a success. Even though his first album was just as good, the process made all the difference. This generation makes it easier to grasp this phenomenon as different algorithms and strategies can be implemented to get more views on blogs, or even credibility on a series. This idea made me reflect on a couple of things that embedded stereotypes and general collective understanding make it easier to ignore.

The underrated creativity and effort that goes into marketing. This really is the epitome of “It takes a village”. Regardless of the potential or genuine substance of the final deal, the ‘hype’ which eventually culminates into a culture where people think it’s not a prerogative but a necessity to give it a go comes from diligent teams that look for innovative ideas within the trends to catch people’s eye be it popular TV series such as The Crown, and Emily in Paris or books like A Mexican Gothic. As much as it takes a creative genius to work on efficiency or art, it takes just as good a team or individual to get the recognition it requires to generate profits and feel fulfilled in their creative endeavors.

The other narrative that I can draw from the status quo is regarding the work of writers. It still seems like we have a long way to go when it comes to viewing writers. The standard ‘tortured artist’ perspective leaves little to no room for the constant discipline, word building, and productivity it takes to build a career out of this. Besides that, the trend of Indie or Independent publishers is increasing which means writing is a full-time business for many. Not everyone is willing to hire agents, so they take up space and learn the necessary tools to constantly market themselves and build their brands. They do not spend all their time writing dreamy, artistic things. Rather, they build on their specific expertise, look at their target audience, and offer their unique insight. Freelancing and screenwriting, among others require more strategically implemented tools that most people in this field do not get credit for. The competition in the current scenario is ever increasing and the industry is proving to be far more competent than a ‘dying field’ whether it’s freelance photography, art, or any form of writing.

There is no denying that there are individuals with certain expertise who can offer more within that realm and a company would rather hire them. The idea, however, is the work that individuals within the field do is not restricted to the preconceived biases that people hold and it has more space especially in this generation to develop the necessary skill sets required to thrive. Although everything is interconnected, in this context, there is a correlation between art and marketing. Besides the fact that both thrive from the use of each other’s tools, there is also commonality catered towards the misconception around the ability that both possess but the world seems to think they lack. For the former, it is strategic tools and a sharp bent of mind and for the latter, it is the more artistic and creative side necessary to gain more leverage within upcoming trends.

We all have an analytical mind and a creative one. Some people are most accustomed to one over the other but the above fields show that while one may hold more expertise and knowledge in a way a field traditionally functions, both tools can work in an integrated manner. This understanding prevents patronizing attitudes and also creates a sense of fluidity in shifting careers and bringing something new to the table with the amalgamation of skill sets. The pandemic has shed some light on the importance of art and the work that goes behind it as we have found solace in it during these unprecedented times but there is still a long way to go with shaping the cultural view and adding more diverse light in this aspect.


Priyasha Mohanty

Delhi South '21

Figuring it out as I go!
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