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Brain Drain: A Flight to Abundant Opportunities

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The grass is always greener on the other side. This stands true for those who leave their country and migrate to another for a better lifestyle and a smooth sailing job. This yearning to venture into the great American life and live a luxurious life in the West has been fed to many young minds in the country that I live in. Even I have been fed this dessert with a cherry on top from a very young age. Millions of young brilliant Indians from many disciplines have left our country over the years in pursuit of better prospects. For a long time, migrating to a distant nation was regarded as a badge of honor and living the ‘American life’ was considered a successful pursuit- the most zealously followed fantasy. And this was mainly due to India’s inability to provide the same opportunities to its citizenry.

The ‘Brain-Drain’ has been real and it increases by a considerate amount of percentage each year as more and more people make their way to different countries. The US used to be overwhelmingly popular when it came to migration but today due to the population explosion, people migrate wherever they get the space and chance to migrate. One of the primary reasons that India’s talented youth leaves is the quest of higher compensation for their efforts and abilities. While migrating to a new and prospective country sounds like a fun adventure, it is equally challenging on many grounds. While life is better there, you have to go beyond your limits to create that suitable life you aspired for.

While talking to a student who has migrated to the United Kingdom for her higher studies, she said that “ the moment I settled here, there was this safe air that enveloped me. I can walk on the streets without being scared of what will happen and I am more carefree.” Another student said that he “ventured out more and as he had to do everything on his own and became more independent and hardworking as the race is never-ending and the competition is very high.” This ongoing trend of moving to another country for your peace and free will has been on the rise. While in abroad, individuals are not subjected to the societal abnormalities which are still relevant in India. This further prompts them to migrate. Though India is changing at a pace of fine growth, there are still little tacks that are hanging by the thread which can pose as a stunt in the wings of the youth growing up in the country. 

While everyone has that one relative who lives abroad, you want to be the next one to settle and be the ‘relative’ who is living the dream. Though some people say that the very prominent brain drain means being disloyal towards your own country, I believe that at the end of the day, all people want is for their potential to be recognised and if their potential is being utilised better in some other country there is no harm in migrating and working towards achieving their dreams. The idea of citizenship is highlighted here. Before any religion or country takes over your identity, you need to understand your basic identity is that of a human who makes decisions based on their requirements.

Even though I love my country and the city I stay in, I would like to leave it because I don’t feel safe here anymore and I believe that I can hone my skills better in some other country where it will be valued more. I might be wrong when I say this, but as a keen observer, I have seen the difference in the past five years that our country has projected. Before understanding this wide concept of brain drain through the narrow picture I have painted, we need to ask ourselves what factors exactly prompt us to change our address and take the huge step of migrating to another country? As a country with the second-largest population – is the quality of living adequate? Are the stereotypical gender norms still relevant? How is the crime rate and has it increased or decreased? What problems does acquiring a job in our country pose?

There are so many questions that prompt yo to take this major step and the list is endless. So if you’re planning to migrate to achieve what you want to achieve, do it and work towards it. You will surely reap the fruit you have sown.  

Lekha Nath

Delhi South '23

Lekha is a student of literature at Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi. She is at an age where she is free to explore any arena, and she likes to record her experiences in her trusty ol' journal. She goes by the tagline- "Just keep swimming". She is just another human with a journal trying to keep up with the ever-changing world. :)
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