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Adding a Little ‘You’ to Your Outfits

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You probably already know that the way you dress not only speaks volumes about you, your character and your personality but also ameliorates the way you carry yourselves.  Some of you might also think that being too conscious of your clothes and style is absolutely superficial and unnecessary. But here’s the thing: your clothes form an integral part of the first impression that you make on anybody. So, if you are and want to come across as a simple low maintenance person, then you dress like it! Your clothes must not just fit your body, they must fit… YOU.

Unfortunately, most people forget to factor in themselves while they buy clothes. It is really easy to get caught up in the trends, be pressured by a seemingly well-meaning friend, get confused by all the options or enticed by the pretty display in the store window or catalogue…and end up with clothes that don’t really work for you. That’s really frustrating, right? I know. And that is also where the ‘I have nothing to wear’ predicament stems from. You either own too many minimalistic or statement-making pieces you bought under influence or just because it was on sale. Or maybe you bought it because you tend to copy others who you admire or look confident and happy in their clothing. I think that the first thing you need to do while shopping for clothes for yourself is to let go of all the clutter that the internet, the people around and you have created in your mind. If there’s a piece of clothing that increases your happiness and confidence, get it. 

Imogene Lamport and Jill Chivers have determined that we need to consider our style essence and our style expression while buying clothes, accessories, makeup, as these form the two most important components of an individual’s style. Your style essence is your personality, who you really are, how you think and what you prefer. It’s where you are your most natural self. It’s what makes you most comfortable, authentic and genuine. And you reveal your style essence through your style expression. Your style expression is your clothing, your hair and makeup, your accessories, but still so much more. Your style expression is how you carry yourself, how you present yourself in a crowded room. I am no fashion expert but I recognize and identify five style essences; and they are feminine, elegant and chic, cute and creative, casual and relaxed and lastly, bold and sexy.

 Lamport and Chivers have stated that one can be a combination of two or more styles. I personally believe that I am a combination of elegant and chic, creative and cute and casual and relaxed style essence and I also stick to that type of clothing. The essence I find hard to relate to is the bold and sexy essence. A dark coloured lipstick is as bold as I can go, no further. I tend to feel differently on each day and hence I mix and match. In order to add a little oomph or cuteness to my casual outfit, I add a little sailor bow to my hair. To bring elegance to a cute skater dress, I put on my classic black or nude high heels. And if I want a very chic yet relaxed outfit I’ll put on a floral shirt or t-shirt with boyfriend jeans and sneakers or strappy sandals. I remember how my classmates used to tease me for tying a blue ribbon in my hair with my school uniform. They said I looked like a kid with that thing in my hair. I casually shared that with my psychology teacher and she just asked me one thing, “Do YOU like wearing it?” and I replied in the affirmative. “Then there shouldn’t be any issue at all my dear,” she said. And from that day onwards, I wore my lovely blue ribbon to school everyday. 

I hope this post has helped you to at least begin thinking about your wardrobe and how it reflects your personality, your style essence. You may not have even known that you already have a style essence. But you most definitely do. It’s who you are at the core. Now, just make sure your style expression correctly communicates your authentic style essence. Remember, cleopatra wouldn’t have been so iconic if not for her jewelry and dramatically kohled eyes, and I’m pretty sure no one would like Imelda without her shoes and Jordan Belfort without his power suits!

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