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Supporting Small Businesses On Social Media: The New Trending



As we’re still amid a global pandemic where social distancing, shutdowns, or stay-home orders are prevalent and the economic impact of COVID-19 continues to fluctuate in these trying times. You might have seen many new small business stores coming up while scrolling your Instagram feed. They spend time on the product to be delivered (chique vibes assured!), unlike the stuff we find in the market and the cost higher than the mass produced products.  So, whenever you purchase something from a small business, know that you’re making their day!

According to a report released by the NFIB Research Center, 76% of the small businesses say that they have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and 68% of owners say they’re very concerned about its potential impact on their business.

It is time when as consumers we realize our responsibility and keep the economic engine going, even if there is a little sputtering along the way. While we know it’s always a better option to save money during these unprecedented times. But if you ever want to treat yourself, you know where to shop from!

But, we know you must be wondering why to support small businesses, here are some benefits of supporting a small Instagram business:


~ Community Support: Local small businesses are essential for their communities economically and thus supporting small businesses means supporting a community.

~ Economic impact: These local stores help strengthen the store owners economically. So you can help a person who has started a career with a local business.

~ Personalized Customer Service: The best part of these small Instagram stores is their personalized customer service. Shopping small is great for someone who knows your name and other preferences. You get exactly what you ask for because it’s exclusively made for you!

The Unique Products: These small stores provide customized and unique products which you won’t find anywhere else. So, if you’re looking for something unique then Instagram stores are the way to go.


Now you must be wondering how you can lend a helping hand during these unprecedented times. It is extremely easy. Here are some easy ways to help and support small businesses:

~ Order In: The best way to support small businesses is to order from them. It is not a force but a suggestion. You can order cute customized gifts for your loved ones from these Instagram stores. You can also initiate a home decoration where you can get some extremely aesthetic stuff to decorate your room.

~ Spread The Word: When you find an Instagram store that provides great products and services, then make sure that you share it with your networks on social media. Don’t forget to show off the cool stuff on your Instagram stories to spread the word!


A lot is going on right now. And so much of it is out of our hands. So many people want to help in some way, but they aren't sure how.

Shopping small is one way through which we can help and when everything gets back to the ‘normal mode’, our economy would become more vibrant from this. 

During this time of uncertainty, it makes sense to pull back on discretionary spending, but if you need something, then choosing a small business does make a difference - to the community and the economy. Don’t forget to sanitize the package after receiving it!

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