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The Top Four Delhi Metro Stations You Must See

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delhi North chapter.

If you ever stop by and ask a Delhiite which mode of transport they prefer the most, the answer would indelibly be the metro. Delhi metro has indeed become an indispensable part of Delhiites’ everyday life. One of the major transformations in the history of public transportation, metros have not only reduced travelling time but have also made movement more comfortable through its air conditioning and eco-friendly services. Since riding through metros is pocket-friendly, a lot of people who earlier used their own vehicles to reach their workplaces have now adopted the services of this mass transit. Due to their development, various areas of Delhi have also witnessed urban renewal.

One of the coolest things about Delhi metros is that the metro stations in themselves are sights to behold. Here we list four metro stations that will keep lingering with you even after you reach your destination:

Rajiv Chowk Metro Station

When you get off at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, the first reaction would always be utter bafflement because of the sheer number of exit gates. A tyro traveller would naturally get puzzled as they were in a maze! Since it’s the central point of the capital city, one can reach any destination in and around Delhi from here. One can also pay quality visits to famous spots like Connaught Place and Jantar Mantar near this station. Being a famous hangout, this station buzzes throughout the day where groups of friends can usually be found exploring around.

Hauz Khas Metro Station

Hauz Khas Metro Station draws its uniqueness from the absurd fact that it is one of those metro depots wherein people have to walk a great deal to change between lines and reach their final destination. Whenever a passenger gets off at this station, he or she usually observes large groups of people moving in just one particular direction. They probably all seem to head towards the line of Huda City Centre. Talking about the virtues of this station, it is one of the cleanest stations in the entire Delhi Metro network considering how thousands of people walk in and out throughout the day. With world-class infrastructure, Hauz Khas Metro Station is also famous for its resplendent interiors. The walls have beautiful paintings that are classic pieces of modern art. It’s one of the deepest stations in the entire Delhi Metro network too.

Chandni Chowk Metro Station

If you stay in Delhi and haven’t visited Chandni Chowk even once, then we are afraid you have really missed out on a lot! Chandni Chowk Metro Station takes you to Chandni Chowk, one of the oldest markets in Old Delhi. It is infamous for having everything and anything on sale. Known for its crisscrossed streets with shops jostling for space, Chandni Chowk would give you an opportunity to subsume in ultimate nostalgia and reminisce your good old days in Purani Dilli. 

Nehru Place Metro Station

One of the most beautiful metro stations in the entire Delhi Metro network, Nehru Place Metro Station has a world-class infrastructure that provides so many facilities at one stop. Unlike other metro stations, it also has a proper parking facility. Big food chains and restaurant giants like Chayos, Burger King, and so forth are great places to satiate your appetite amazingly well. Epicuria, a popular underground food court is a must-visit too. The station is situated around Nehru Place which has been known for pawn shops selling electronics.

Riding in a metro has become very convenient now. One can even get around in Delhi from either an uber or an autorickshaw but for Delhiites who aren’t keen to spend much, Delhi metro is the best solution for them. Now, next time when you arrive at these bustling stations, do check these fascinating elements and enjoy your journey!

Tannu Khandelwal

Delhi North '23

A quirky, creative and a very shy girl pursuing her sophomore year in economics at Hansraj College. Love researching and writing in the intersection of policy and social issues. Writing is my all time passion and an always go to in the leisure time.