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Writing about love can be difficult but falling in love is even harder. It is difficult to express yourself and become vulnerable in front of a person. It is also tricky to decide whether you are in love or not. When it comes to love, many will say that it is the most important human emotion. But, ladies and gentlemen, I must tell you that it is the least understood emotion in mankind.

Sometimes, out of bonding or attachment, we get close to people and confuse it as love. This misunderstanding, in the long run, makes the relationship sour. Sometimes we also find ourselves getting into a relationship due to peer pressure, forgetting that a relationship blossoms only out of love and not under pressure.

My thoughts might seem disappointing to you, and you must be thinking that I am against romantic relationships. But this isn’t the case! I am one of those hopeless romantics who would go miles just for understanding the meaning of true love. And, if in any case, you’re mine then I assure you that you will receive the cutest of handmade gifts at every anniversary and monthiversary.

So, don’t at all take me as the wrong person to talk about love. Love is something to be cherished and cared for. But now if you’re thinking about how you will determine whether or not you are in love, then I have a very cheesy yet ultimate truth for you. The day you will fall in love, everything will feel just right in place. You will feel the happiest with the person whom you love. Your smile will have an immeasurable depth and your heart will brim with emotions. That person’s touch will give you shivers and your stomach will do a summersault in their presence. You will love nature and the rain. You will start doing things that are out of your way. And you will try to go that extra mile for someone you fall for. 

The most important part will be the way you look at that person and your dreamy eyes will let you know all. But now, if you’re thinking that I am just bursting with things drawn from Indian Bollywood films, then I must say, it isn’t the case. These things happen for real but only when you experience love in its truest form.

Finally, experiencing love requires one to not be a silent spectator in the fields. Since the beginning, we have considered love as a noun. I implore you to consider it a verb. Love requires action to thrive. So, if you love someone, then express it. Have the reigns of your life in your hands!

I am a confident speaker with an irresistible affinity for stage and the zest to write. Currently pursuing History Honours from Miranda House, University of Delhi. I am an opinionated bird from the holy city of Varanasi who has been in love with exploring and learning about culture and heritage from the very beginning. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/shambhavi.singh.31149359 Twitter - https://twitter.com/shambhavi0309?s=09 Instagram - www.instagram.com/tranquil_hustle
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