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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delhi North chapter.

As a child, I always believed that adulthood was a blessing, envying the freedom and independence it seemed to offer. But now, in my twenties, I’ve come to realize that reality often differs from our childhood fantasies (laughs). The truth of adulthood is far removed from my youthful imaginings.

Initially, I thought that being an adult meant making independent decisions, enjoying freedom, and socializing with friends. However, as the saying goes, ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. Adulting isn’t as idyllic as it appears; it’s a phase where individuals must take charge of their responsibilities, and life becomes more individualistic and centered around oneself.

The irony of childhood lies in the longing to “grow up,” often without fully understanding the real meaning of adulthood. Children are frequently underestimated by adults due to their lack of experience leading to their opinions being disregarded or unheard. It is the lack of recognition that fuels the desire to grow up and be taken seriously.

When I graduated high school, the pressure to choose a career brought about a great deal of confusion and worry, as it was seen as the most crucial decision of my life. The twenties are defining years, and as a child, I truly didn’t understand the challenges that adults face. From making career decisions to earning a living, settling down, having children, and eventually retiring, the process is arduous. Oh, how I miss the carefree days of childhood when stress wasn’t even a word in my vocabulary! My inner voice often reminisces about standing in the school corridors and going on picnics. While I long to relive those moments, I understand that childhood was just one phase of life, and now begins another, which stands to be the paramount period of my life. Despite the challenges that lie ahead, I believe it will ultimately be worth it.

While my parents have always been supportive, I feel the mounting pressure to secure a stable job and achieve financial independence. But what does ‘adulting’ really mean? It can be defined as the process of growing up, taking on adult responsibilities, and navigating one’s path. There often exists a gap between who you are and who you aspire to become. This phase of life is about self-discovery and pushing oneself out of their comfort zone. There’s always a factor of self-doubt and whether we will be able to achieve our goal(s) or not. Imposter syndrome crawls in and such a behavioural phenomenon pulls back our confidence.

I first felt the pressure when I was in high school and the early years of college during debates, group discussions, and most during my preparation for the Intelligence Bureau exam (I eventually aced the exam). Sitting with a bunch of highly intellectual individuals made me feel that I needed to work a notch higher to prove myself. This certainly can be a daunting task to keep ourselves motivated through the process of growing up. It’s about striving for a prosperous future and pushing oneself to new heights. Adulting entails obtaining certificates to enhance marketability to potential employers and grappling with the challenges of a 9-5 job. We witness individuals around us achieving significant milestones, such as buying a house at 22 or gifting their parents their first salary. Adulting means standing firm and not allowing oneself to feel like a failure when desired goals aren’t met. I understand that adulting can be tough, but this is life, this is the reality. Some effective strategies practicing mindfulness, connecting with friends and family for navigating into adulting crises, time management, practicing self-love, and taking care of your mental health. I try to incorporate them and trust me, they do help. Although, at times, social media hampers growth by portraying an unnatural life. But as an informed individual, one must not believe it blindly but be mindful of what goes around in reality.

To my fellow young adults venturing into the real world, let us stand resolute in our pursuit of self-discovery. The journey ahead may not be easy, but the effort we invest now will yield rewards. It’s common to feel uncertain about our path, but that’s perfectly alright; we must refrain from comparing ourselves to others. Each of us confronts a unique array of challenges and advantages. Comparing ourselves to those in vastly different circumstances isn’t productive.

Yes, adulting can feel overwhelming at times, but let’s embrace it. It’s natural to feel apprehensive about not meeting our planned goals, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t experience those moments?

Aarzoo Rohilla, is a writer at HerCampus Delhi North. Being a political science enthusiast, she prefers to dwell in arenas which certainly pose an impact on the society from the lens of politics. Beyond this, she pens down about real life experiences and worthy happenings from the surrounding. Aarzoo is currently majoring in Political Science from Indraprastha College For Women, University of Delhi with minor in psychology. She possesses deep rooted inclination towards these subjects. She has been part of NGO’s wherein she has worked closely for the social cause. Being a part of an internship at Fortis Hospital for mental health, she has worked for pushing away mental health stigma. In her leisure time, she is usually engaged in penning her diary. She firmly believes that “you’re one of a kind”. As one goes by her name which translates to desire, she’s striving to fulfill them. Aarzoo enjoys spending time with her dog and can never say no to dance.