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A Unique Tapestry Of Experience: Decoding The PG Life

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delhi North chapter.

Stepping into a Paying Guest, popularly abbreviated as PG, marked the commencement of my perplexing journey through the maze of maturity. This article is an ode to all young adults threading the uncertain path of early adulthood, where the challenges of independence collide with the charm of newfound experiences. From the first steps away from family to the solitude of a new place, grappling with newfound responsibilities to missing the embrace of ghar ka khaana (home-cooked meals), every moment in a PG is a rite of passage. 

I vividly remember my first day – my parents bid farewell and I nervously stood inside my PG room. Even a cafeteria seemed like an uncharted territory, daunting and unfamiliar. But with time, it seamlessly transformed into a second home. From making friends to indulging in late-night Maggi (an instant noodle by Nestlè) sessions, these are the memories that will paint the canvas of our coming-of-age tale. For me, a PG isn’t just a dwelling; it’s a sanctuary where the mundane turns extraordinary with each experience, no matter how trivial, becoming a cherished chapter in the book of my life. These are experiences that one can truly comprehend only while living in a PG or hostel. Hence, join me as I embark on a nostalgic journey of these fond moments by reminiscing my daily ‘PG struggles’.

The Struggle To Wake Up On Time!

Waking up on time becomes a real challenge when your mother isn’t there to give you the ‘morning wake-up’ call by turning off the fan. This is a common phenomenon in Indian households, especially during summer, when you don’t wake up on time and moms turn off the fan for you to get out of bed. Most days, I am fashionably late for my morning lectures, and thus, catching up on classe becomes a real struggle. No matter the number of alarms I set, my sleep self is in a constant battle with them. I usually end up snoozing my alarms to steal a few more minutes of precious sleep. As I enter my third semester, the saga of morning lectures continues. It’s surprising how often I hit the snooze button before finally admitting defeat and going back to sleep. As annoying as waking up early is, you eventually make peace with your alarm clock only to gasp and press the snooze button again! The downside? Disturbing your roommate’s sleep if you happen to share a room. Navigating mornings in the PG life involves grappling with alarms, hitting snooze, and blurry-eyed efforts to make it to class on time!

Maggi: The Late-Night Cravings Savior

Although it may sound cliche, we, PG residents, understand how awesome late-night ‘Maggi sessions’ are! It’s not just about the noodles. It’s the deep talks, peals of laughter, trying out new Maggi recipes, and sharing all the juicy gossip. As one of the most popular instant food products in India, Maggi has had generational impacts. Maggi is like a superhero, saving us from midnight hunger or bad meals at the PG. For me, Maggi is a go-to meal, especially on days when PG meals taste ‘blah’. The friendships made over Maggi sessions are special and will stick with me forever. Maggi becomes your best pal during your PG years—no doubt about it.

The Homesick Heart

I believe everyone has homesickness at some point in their lives, regardless of their age. The initial months in a PG are like a rollercoaster of chaos, your clothes mysteriously get stained, the locals seem to outsmart you, making new friends takes forever, and everything feels like falling apart. You’re completely clueless about practically everything, and your only lifeline is those constant calls to your mom. She becomes your mental anchor, reminding you to eat and providing unwavering support. Negotiating with local fruit vendors, being clueless about prices, and dialing up your mother to ask for guidance— I believe it’s a shared struggle! The ultimate joy comes when a parcel arrives from home, filled with homemade treats and love, becoming the happiest day.  

After a demanding semester of non-stop tests and exams, the sheer bliss comes in booking tickets for the journey back home. A week or two away from the hectic schedules and relishing homemade meals. Spending quality time with the family feels like stepping into paradise. However, it’s an inevitable cycle. As college reopens, the bittersweet moment arrives when you must bid farewell to the warmth of home, carrying cherished memories made during the break. Yet, these memories become the source of motivation and comfort as you dive back into the challenges of student life. However, the support and friendships forged at PG provide you with the drive to grow in your adult life and I wouldn’t trade that for anything!

Paridhi Madhukallya

Delhi North '26

Paridhi Madhukallya is a student at IPCW majoring in Political Science Honours. She is actively involved in various NGOs and organizations. Apart from her academic pursuits, she has a passion for singing and enjoys listening to music in her free time.Paridhi enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, showcasing her culinary talents. As a dedicated K-drama enthusiast, she finds joy in exploring the captivating world of Korean dramas. Additionally, her playlist is filled with the energetic beats of K-pop, reflecting her eclectic taste in music. Paridhi's life is a delightful blend of flavor, music and the enchanting entertainment of Korean culture.