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Reflecting On My Journey @ Her Campus Delhi North

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The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delhi North chapter.

Time really flies. We don’t know when days turn into months and months turn into years. This has been my case with Her Campus Delhi North (HCDN). In two months (well actually less than that), I will be graduating from college. This would also mean the end of my journey with HCDN. I started my journey here in September 2022. My first piece was titled Sri Lanka’s Win At The Asia Cup 2022: A Deja Vu Of India’s ’83?. I always rejoice in my decision to join Her Campus and thank my stars for submitting that recruitment form haha! I remember asking my friend, Alankrita Dutta, who also happens to be the current Chapter Leader of HCDN, about the writing commitments for the editorial team. She replied that my role would entail submitting an article every week. Back then, it seemed like a big deal. I was apprehensive about my ability to pitch distinct articles every week. I felt it would take a lot within me to stay consistent.

While doing a quick count for this piece, I was astonished to see the numbers. I have written over 50 articles, not having missed a single ‘work’ week! Yes, I did it. You may call it punctuality, but I call it my passion for this platform. This youth-led space has helped me in so many ways. Firstly, it has immensely helped in decluttering my mind. As a young writer, I come across various discourses and topics to work on. However, engaging with them goes unheard of if there’s no platform to showcase them. Here, Her Campus has been that platform for me. It has given me the liberty to write and express on a diverse array of themes – sports, entertainment, music, life @ Delhi, LGBTQA+, and much more.

Secondly, Her Campus has unequivocally improved me as a writer. As someone who places primacy on upgrading her skills, HCDN has provided me with a space to improve my flair in writing. It provided me with an opportunity to grow from my own mistakes. For this, I give my regard to the brilliant editors. Their feedbacks genuinely helped me become a better author with every piece. I have not just learned new words and phrases but also new genres and ways of expressing myself coherently.

There is no doubt that every piece that I have written so far has been close to my heart. However, if someone were to ask me to name a few of favorite writeups, then they would be the following:

First has to be my article on FIFA World Cup 2022. As a rare football viewer, I knew I had taken up a great responsibility to write about the FIFA matches, exploring the age-old rivalries between various teams. More than anything, I was concerned about offending any ardent football fan. While researching, I got to learn so extensively about the sport that that the next time I sat down to watch a match, I didn’t have to nag my father to explain the trivial things.

The second one would be I Watched ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ & It Has All Colors Of Love. Yes, I am still obsessed with the movie, its characters and the actors! I knew for a fact that I had to pen down my unwavering love for the movie. I still remember this was one of those writeups where I could go on and on because there was just so much to express.

Other than the above two, if there are articles that secure the top spot, then they would be – Breaking Stereotypes: My Empowering Encounter With A Female Cab Driver, Women and Sports: Why Is It Normal For A Fe(Male) To Love Cricket and You, Me, and Some Millions Of Miles Between Us

Soon, I would be bidding an emotional goodbye to HCDN. I’m happy to have collected some special memories. These inlcude interacting with the amazing minds driving the chapter, brainstorming sessions, and the simple existence of a creative space for the ebb and flow of ideas. In the remaining time left, I wish to contribute to Her Campus in my fullest potential. 

More than anything, I hope this writeup ignites the spark within a student to join Her Campus and experience the same magic as I did :)

Ritika Das

Delhi North '24

Ritika Das is a Chapter Member at the Her Campus North Delhi Chapter and a part of the Content Writing team for it's website. While she has explored different genres of topics but the most comfortable ones have always been entertainment, books and sports. Beyond Her Campus, she is a third year Political Science student of Indraprastha College For Women. She was the ex-sub editor of the English Editorial society of her college. She has also successfully published various articles in many regional and national newspapers and also in some of college magazines across du circuit. Her love for films and literary works justify the fact that she has done a two years minor course on Multimedia and Mass communication. In her leisure time, Ritika loves to get hold of the latest web series/films and also has an affiliation towards art and craft. She considers herself as one of the biggest cricket fan and and a true lover of Hindi old songs.