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I know way too many people who find simple joy in reading cute things about their zodiac signs. I decided that since it is the holiday season, I could incorporate the two into a fun article. This holds no scientific or astrological significance. I am entirely basing this off the vibe that each Zodiac sign and the song gives me. Enjoy!

Aquarius: Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Brenda Lee

This definitely has nothing to do with this being my zodiac sign and also my favorite Christmas song. In all seriousness, the song is a classic and adds a unique sounds to the holidays, and Aquarius’s are definitely unique

Pisces: Carol of the Bells, Home Alone Soundtrack

Pisces are compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, and musical. It is a no brainer that they are Carol of the Bells. 

Aries: Jingle Bell Rock, Bobby Helms

Aries are enthusiastic and optimistic. There is no doubt that they do not embody the classic Jingle Bell Rock. The song is upbeat and full of joy just like an Aries. 

Taurus: You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch, Thurl Ravenscroft   

A Taurus is stubborn but practical. The Grinch is very stubborn but soon comes to love the holiday season. If you’re a Taurus look for someone to help your heart grow this holiday season. 

Gemini: Baby It’s Cold Outside, Dean Martin

Everyone knows that Geminis are indecisive and a little bit “two-faced.” They are also gentle and affectionate, making this song perfect for them ! So will you stay or will you go?

Cancer: Do They Know It’s Christmas, Band Aid

This song and it’s music video were for a great cause and even makes people very emotional. This song is great for Cancers due to their emotional and sympathetic nature. Cancers also enjoy helping loved ones, what a match!

Leo: A Holly Jolly Christmas, Burl Ives

If you’re a Leo then you’re probably creative, passionate, stubborn, and a little lazy. That’s why I believe A Holly Jolly Christmas is perfect for a Leo. It is cheerful and passionate but not that long and pretty repetitive. 

Virgo: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Judy Garland

As a Virgo you’re probably all work and no play. You’re hard working and practical. It is time to take a little break and have yourself a merry little Christmas, as a treat. 

Libra: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Andy Williams 

There is no denying that Libras are super fair-minded and diplomatic. It only makes sense for you to declare this the most wonderful time of the year, because it’s true! 

Scorpio: All I Want For Christmas is You, Mariah Carey 

Scorpios are full of passion and nothing screams passion more than Mariah Carey. This song will have you feeling all kinds of romantic during the holidays. 

Sagittarius: The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You), Nat King Cole

I chose this song because I have read many Sagittarius’ are idealistic and this song just paints a picture-perfect vision of Christmas to me. Can’t you just smell the Christmas trees and cookies?

Capricorn: Here Comes Santa Claus, Gene Autry

This song is so catchy and it’s always a holiday hit. Capricorns are disciplined and responsible just like Santa Claus!

Hope you take time this holiday season to listen to some Christmas songs. Fill your space with happiness and cheer!

Gina Magliocco

Delaware '21

Gina is a Senior at the University of Delaware and the current President of the Her Campus UDel Chapter  She is an International Relations major with a minor in Public Policy.  She enjoys writing very much and has also been published by "Young Professionals in Foreign Policy." Gina is from Westchester, New York. 
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