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You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Green Tea Sunscreen!

How good is Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Sunscreen? Let’s first put this sunscreen through the most basic test- the human senses.


The bottle is a nice yellow, almost like a school bus. It has nice art on the front and does not fail to advertise it’s features. The lotion itself is a nice white color.


The sunscreen is advertised to be a green tea scent and it lives up to those expectations. While it still does smell like a sunscreen lotion, the faint scent of green tea is a nice addition to the protective shield.


The lotion was a thick texture when it came out of the bottle. However, it spread beautifully over my skin and was not sticky on my application hand. It dried rapidly and did not leave me with a sticky feeling. The bottle is quite sturdy too- I kept it in my backpack for a couple of days and it thankfully never burst like other sunscreens!


There’s not much to say for this sense. The lotion itself won’t make any noise. It is worth to mention that the bottle itself makes satisfying clicks when opened and closed, however.


I was really excited to see what this lotion would taste like given that the flavor is green tea and on the back, it says it is made out of 100% vegetarian ingredients. Unfortunately, there is a consumption warning on the back that indicates not to swallow the Hawaiian Green Tea Sunscreen. I was quite disappointed and I felt mislead by the vegetarian ingredients claim. Why is that even necessary if I can’t eat it?

Due to it being winter, I was not able to test the sunscreen’s main purpose- sun protection. I must say, the lotion dried in a relatively short time. Nine minutes after application my skin did not feel sticky or slimy like it does with other sunscreens.

All of this being said, I am glad that I was able to try out a fancy sun lotion. I usually stick to my basic sunscreens, so it was nice to indulge myself in some skincare luxuries.

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