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Wrigley’s Extra Gum is So not Extra


I know you ladies love you coffee...and I also know you HATE that after-coffee-coffee-breath! But fear not, I have the solution: Wrigley’s EXTRA Long Lasting Flavor Refreshers Gum, in the travel pack!

Not only do they taste like a minty-sugary fresh treat, they double as a breath saver. I can’t help but chew and chew and chew this gum constantly. There are 40 pieces in each pack, and let me tell you, I go through a pack a day! What can I say? I am a binge gum-chewer thanks to Wrigley’s. You can be too.

Reasonably priced and the new love of my life, I can’t go a minute without them. The best part is, like I said before, it cures coffee breath!  Being an avid coffee drinker myself, I find that having a conversation with someone after drinking the delicious caffeinated beverage can make me a bit self conscious. I talk under my breath and try not to breathe at the person in front of me. However, since this gum comes in a handy-dandy container, it fits in my purse nicely without the hassle of pieces falling out like in the regular packs.

It’s easily accessible with the pop-top lid and perfect to share...if you want to.So whether you chew for pleasure, or bad breathe, be sure to chew Wrigley’s Extra!


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Addison Reich is a lively, fun and energetic girl of 21 years old. She is a Junior Psychology major with a Minor in Health & Wellness at the University of Delaware. Ad started as Udel's junior editor, but has since worked her way to becoming their Co-CC! Addison loves to write articles about personal experience and opinion. She transferred from a different university in the fall of her sophomore year, leaving behind a volleyball scholarship, but not her passion for sports, as she is working on becoming a sports psychologist. She also loves hunting, singing and Taylor Swift. If you notice, it's her token to add a picture of Swift in every header of her articles. Keep on the lookout for the next one!
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