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Why You Should be Thankful for Your Roommate(s)

If you’re lucky like me, your roommate is your best friend. I was fortunate enough to live with my freshman year roommate again sophomore year, along with three other amazing roomies. Your roommates are the people you come home to each and every day throughout your stressful school weeks of college and crazy nights after a little too much partying. They truly are the ones who are there to lookout for you and pretty much be by your side for most of the college experience.

The first reason you should be thankful for your roommates is because they won’t judge you. Walking around in your towel for hours after the shower starts to become normal. Your face turning completely red and being sweaty as a pig after the gym and won’t care how bad you look. Walking the “walk of shame” the next morning won’t surprise anyone. Even just hanging out in the ugliest t-shirt and no pants, there’s no judgment.

Second is for them listening to you rant about a stupid professor or just complaining about the silliest issues you think you have. I can’t even count how many times I have complained to my roommate about how awful I feel about an exam or even the way I acted in front of a cute boy that weekend. To say the least, she’s complained to me as well, but I still love her for it.

Third is for basically being your mom. When one of you gets a little too wild on the weekend, the other one is meant to be there to watch out for you and make sure you actually make it to your bed. Or, for being the one to comfort you when you just need a good cry.

Fourth is for being a lover of food. She won’t care if you order a pizza at 2 am, because she’s probably the one who agreed to it. She will pig out with you when you’re feeling sad and not regret it in the morning. She’ll spend endless amounts of drunken money with you on Chipotle and Jimmy John’s, but actually may regret that decision in the morning. You two can also drool over BuzzFeed Food recipes together and wish you knew how to actually cook them. Thankfully, you two have the same taste buds and appreciate food together.

And lastly, for being your side chick. She’s the one who will never turn down a party with you on a random Tuesday night even when you have so much studying to do. She’s the only one to ever get your jokes. She’ll also always accompany you to any meal, the gym or the grocery store. There’s no one you would rather spend so much time with.

So, thanks to my amazing second year roommate I appreciate you all the time for everything you do. And to my new roomies this year, you guys rock.

University of Delaware 2018
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