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Why Wendy’s Has the Best Marketing in Fast Food

Twitter. Wendy’s. Two words that probably sound like they don’t go together, but trust me, they do. Why? Because this fast food chain restaurant has its consumers totally engaged on the popular social media platform. In today’s day and age, it’s uber important that brands have an online presence, seeing as more and more generations are being born into technology. Being on twitter and actively tweeting can do wonders for a brand- and Wendy’s proves this! It helps bolster their name and what they stand for by being present on such an important platform for getting your name out there. The Twitter app has over 330 million users. Wendy’s got 3.7 million (and counting) of those users to follow them by being hilariously candid, totally up to date with all things memes, and standing out with their humor as opposed to other brands.

Let me tell you the specifics of what Wendy’s has mastered on the app:

  1. Wendy’s directly communicates with followers via direct messages and tweet threads. They follow up on bad orders, undesirable experiences with Wendy’s staff etc. 

  2. Their humor is unmatched; the account appeals to their audience with humor by keeping up with current internet trends, jokes, pictures, and memes

  3. They communicate with other brands, and engage with other companies, all while keeping a totally hysterical and friendly clapback mentality.

Want some examples of their crazy good marketing-through-tweets strategy? Check out these tweets below from @Wendys that help their brand attract a social-media-using teen market. 

This tweet towards Burger King had Twitter dying, with users praising Wendy’s in the comments for this relentless roast to their competitor. 

Okay, Wendy’s kind of has a point here- get your ass to Wendy’s if you haven’t before!

Wendy’s stays on trend with internet memes, using this ‘location request’ picture when a customer suggests square cups- I take it they think that’s a good idea huh… Hey it could be interesting!

Poking some fun at their competitors again, Wendy’s garners over 150,000 likes saying that McDonalds’ trash dumpsters are similar to the brands’ food

Check out this response to someone craving the “Dave’s Double” special. Talk about brilliantly advertising new menu items by joking about them with your customers!

Well, Wendy’s, we freakin’ love you, please never change, your tweets are giving us some much needed laughs. Stay you, Wendy’s.


Kayla Plunkett

Delaware '23

Kayla is a sophomore art major at the University of Delaware. Aside from being a part of Her Campus, she keeps up with new music, all things artsy, and of course, tik tok.
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