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Where You Get your Coffee and What it Says about You

Here at the University of Delaware there are a plethora of places you could get your daily coffee. I’m here to tell you what the cup you hold says about you.

First off, we have the infamous Starbucks. I’m sorry but you’re basic. I don’t know what it is about it, but you just come off that way. Whether you get a caramel frap or a skinny vanilla latte, you rely on the ‘Bucks for your daily caffeine fix. Now if you go to Smith for Starbucks that’s a whole other story. I have respect for the loyal Smith fans. You have extreme patience, in which most people cannot endure. Good for you, you deserve a medal or something.


Now on the flip side of Starbucks, you have Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin is for girls on the go. Your order is probably being made before you even enter the door. Don’t expect to be greeted; they don’t have time for that. You won’t get the high-class treatment of being asked for your name like at Starbucks. Face it, it’s Dunkin, just get your coffee and donut and don’t look back.

Next up, we have Central Perk. These are for girls who are a little more hipster than the girls going to Starbucks and Dunkin and want a coffeehouse experience. Or they were just drawn in considering they watch Friends everyday on Netflix, and are hoping to live Rachel Green’s life, or Monica, or Phoebe while they’re at it. It also doesn’t hurt that they have a little extra change in their pockets.

Words of wisdom: just don’t go here during sorority big/little dating. So many girls in Lulu Lemon and letters, it’s an overwhelming experience no one should have to go through alone.


If you are really looking for that hipster experience, Brew Ha Ha is the way to go. Even saying the name will make you laugh. It is such a hard name to be taken seriously. Go here when you are looking to chill out and study and try a unique flavor of coffee while you are at it. Also, their balcony is a hidden gem on Main Street for a coffee meet up with a view.

Moving on to Brewed Awakenings at the end of Main Street. You’ve probably never heard it and that’s exactly how their patrons like it. I’ll admit, I have yet to try it, but with a four star Yelp rating, I’m sure its worth the trip. I would recommend adding it to your coffee line up to shake things up once in awhile.


And finally, my personal favorite, Saxbys located on West campus. Although it is technically not on Main Street it is worth the walk. Just the specialty drinks menu alone will have you weak in the knees. These include a banana split chocolate latte, cookies and cream latte, a snickers latte, and many more. So now you know what a hidden treasure it is.

Caffeine is clearly a must have on our campus. No matter the brew of your choice, we all need it to get through our days. So cheers to whatever type of person you are, to each her own!

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