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What Even Is Tinder?

When I hear people talk about their “Tinder matches”, I just roll my eyes. Some people may say Tinder is a place to “just hook up”, others say it’s “to find love”. And people like me say it’s bullshit.

Anybody on Tinder who thinks they can find true love is delirious. I don’t care if you know someone whose Tinder romance is still happening, I have never found anyone that is remotely close to being “boyfriend” material. All these boys just tell you what you want to hear, so they can get whatever they want out of you. Then, just like that, they will ghost you and leave you on read.

My favorite thing on Tinder is when guys tell me they’re excited to meet me. It just feels so great to be left on read when I ask when they “want to hang”. I do not understand what goes on in a guy’s mind where they think it is okay to mess with people like that. I mean it might just be me, but I am an emotional person and don’t just want to have sex with every guy I see. Maybe I would get with you if you treated me like a person instead of just another notch on your belt.

Anyway, moral of the story, Tinder is not the place to find love. You will get your heart played with and stomped on.


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