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The Week Before Spring Break

I think I can speak for every college student on this one, spring break is essential and everyone cannot wait for that time to come. In movies spring break looks like college students have the time of their lives but for some students like me, I don’t know how relaxed I will actually be. Most professors will cram exams in either right before spring break or the week after spring break, which I think is worse. I have all my exams right after spring break, so instead of relaxing on the beach in Florida I’ll probably be stressing for most of the time.


Those second exams of the semester are usually the most important because they typically count for most of your final grade. From trying to get a beach body before spring break (AKA going to the gym every day a week before and “dieting”) to late night study sessions that involve snacking, nothing seems to be going your way. All you want is just to get your exams over get a good grade and go party and relax on a beach somewhere.

Seeing your family is also important during this time because it’s usually when most people start to feel homesick since it’s the middle of the semester. You haven’t seen your parents, siblings and most importantly your dogs in a little over 2 months and can’t wait to have that comfort of being in your own home again.

I’m feeling all of these things right now as I’m writing this and just keep reminding myself that everything will work out. This week take the time to study and hit up Club Morris, but also remember to get a good sleep. Nothing will ruin your day more than not getting a good nights sleep the night before. Maybe actually working out and trying to get that “spring break body” is also good idea to make yourself feel more confident. Also take the time to do something academically for yourself such as go to see a professor during office hours, it will show him/her that you care and probably make you feel like you made an effort. Once you do things like these, hopefully you can be more relaxed and excited over Spring Break because that time is for you to enjoy yourself.  And as soon as you know it you’ll be right back in the swing of things at school with millions of things to do.


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