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Ways to Make Money in College

Money is probably the biggest issue all college students face. Almost everything to do for fun costs money. Luckily, there are a few ways to earn money on campus that also look good on a resume. Here are some of them:

  1. Many restaurants and stores are constantly opening and closing on Main Street. You could apply to one of the five or so burrito places or the new pizza place opening up. If you get one these jobs, you can earn tips, allowing you to actually have cash for once.

  1. If you had an internship over the winter or summer, see if they will allow you to work part-time from home, or come into work certain hours of the week. In the past winter and summer, I interned at ValuePenguin, Inc. in NYC and during the school year, they let me work from school.

  2. Our school also has paid research studies that students can participate in. Studies usually take place in South campus in Townsend Hall. The Center for Experimental and Applied Sciences is one of the departments that offers these studies. Researchers will pay you for your time and based on your results, you may make more than the average amount. One hour = $30 possibly?, easy money.

  3. Another option is to apply to be a tutor. If you did well in your classes, you can sign up to be a University tutor and help other students in courses you have already taken. First, you need to apply and be accepted before tutoring others. You can also look in the area and tutor children living in Newark

  4. Peer mentors for FYE/FYS are paid positions where you also also earn a credit. Salaries are $800 for your first year, $1,000 for your second year and $1,200 for your third year. Sophomores – apply soon!

  5. Some TAs are also paid, depending on the professor. It does not hurt to become close to your professor and do well in a class!

  6. You can also go on websites like Handshake or other career websites to look for part time jobs that may be manageable with schoolwork.

Hopefully these tips work for you and you can start to make money while in school!


Senior International Business Student at the University of Delaware and intern at valuepenguin.com. Interested in seeing the world and learning more about this crazy journey we call life.
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