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Tinder Boys – Red Light, Green Light

Since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, college students have been dying for human connection. Some people got animals during quarantine, some people Marie Kondo’d their house, some people just chilled out.

But there’s nothing that we as human beings love more than romance. Dating apps like Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder became more popular. We were starving to have interaction with the outside world amidst a global pandemic

The HerCampus University of Delaware chapter has given their input to both men and women who are interested in looking for a partner, however you define that at the moment.

Catherine Hogan

  1. Fish photos are dumb
  2. Other pictures of girls/party photos are lame and overused

Dary Morgan

  1. Group photos are confusing– who’s the cute guy in the red shirt?
  2. Why is it always the unattractive person who owns the Tinder account? They are not doing anyone a favor.


  1. Gym selfies– NO. You work out, congrats.


  1. Uncomfortable openings. Real example: “You have nice legs what time do they open (;.” Way too direct and thirsty.

Thank you to the HerCampus Delaware members who contributed their ideas. Good luck with Tinder and try your best not to fall in love with that frat boy. Trust me, you can’t change him.

Catherine Hogan is from the UD class of 2023. She loves psych, lit, and running and is currently majoring in communications with an English lit, comp sci, entrepreneurship, and Français minor in the hopes of becoming a big shot tech wizard (think Silicon Valley). She likes her coffee black and it took her forever to get her driver's license.
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